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IC Strain Guide >> Grower Reports >> Strain: Marra Jones by Hidden Garden (Views: 1653)
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Marra Jones Grow Report
Posted By: The Pheonix My Strains
Genotype: Mostly Sativa
Breeder: Hidden Garden
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Grow Location: Indoor
Sea of Green? No
Lighting & Wattage:
Fertilizing Method:
Pruning Method: None
Stature: Tall with 3-4 x stretch
Flowering Time: 80 - 90 days
Grow Results
Odor: Water melon, oranges, lime, sherbet and diesel
Average Height: 7'
Yield Per Plant:
more than 3 per plant
Up type high, clear, focused and uplifting
Ease of Growing:
Overall Rating:
Strain: Marra Jones Rating:
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Marra Jones Grow Notes
Drank like a champion race horse and ate like one too

BIG flowers

lovely flavors ranging from sherbet lime to earthy dank diesel funk

gave a good yield with great clear up type high
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Comment Posted by: The Pheonix on 07-15-2018 at 18:29
Peace Bro Hope your well mate Phe
Comment Posted by: scrogrow on 07-12-2018 at 22:55
itsthe guy formally known as bgb holla marra
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