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IC Strain Guide >> Grower Reports >> Strain: S.A.D. Sweet Afghani Delicious S1 by (Views: 299)
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S.A.D. Sweet Afghani Delicious S1 Grow Report
Posted By: BHAM! My Strains
Genotype: Mostly Indica
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Grow Location: Indoor
Medium: 70% Coco + 30 % Perlite + bottom and upper with hydrocoton
Sea of Green? No
Lighting & Wattage: LED bridgelux vero 29 6x -> 200 to 250W
Fertilizing Method: DTW
Pruning Method: Mainlining + supercropping
Stature: Trained to have 8 main colas, some made 9-10
Flowering Time: About 9-10 weeks
Grow Results
Appearance: Really nice, big buds covered with trichomes
Odor: really nice
Average Height: 40 cm
Yield Per Plant:
from 80 to 150
Not so sweet like i was expeting from the wonderful odor
Really strong and couch-locking
Ease of Growing:
Overall Rating:
Strain: S.A.D. Sweet Afghani Delicious S1 Rating:
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S.A.D. Sweet Afghani Delicious S1 Grow Notes

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Comment Posted by: BHAM! on 01-07-2018 at 13:33
Yes i used leds for these ladies, a bit of diy :)
Comment Posted by: armedoldhippy on 01-07-2018 at 11:14
very pretty! are your lights LEDs? first picture is incredible... AOH
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