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Dank Zappa Grow Report
Posted By: who dat is My Strains
Genotype: 100% Indica
Breeder: Bodhi
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Grow Location: Indoor
Medium: ROLS
Sea of Green? No
Lighting & Wattage: 600 HPS
Fertilizing Method: Top dressed dry organic amendments
Pruning Method: Vertical, lower larf and sucker branches cleared
Stature: Stout, robust with very good branching and structu
Flowering Time: 68 Days
Grow Results
Appearance: Wide, stout indica structure
Odor: Handsoap, detergent
Average Height: 3-4 Feet
Yield Per Plant:
Didn't weigh
Not appealing to me but I also didn't like the terpene profile I found (Soap)
Functional laid back
Ease of Growing:
Overall Rating:
Strain: Dank Zappa Rating:
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Dank Zappa Grow Notes
I was really impressed with the structure of these plants as they only had one bamboo stake for support right along the meristem. These plants were absolute frost monsters and live up every bit to the Hashplant name. My only disappointment was that it had a different smell entirely from what I was looking for and expecting. I got 3 females out of 11 plants that made it to solo cups and they all had a soapy/detergent smell to them. I kept a male to F2 the Dank Zappas and also play around with but his stem rub smelled like roofing tar which was what I was after. Good male flower structure on the male I settled on too. Very hearty plants but they seemed to like Calcium which I didn't give them enough of, don't forget!
More Dank Zappa Pix!
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Comment Posted by: heady blunts on 06-01-2017 at 13:10
king of growers reports
Comment Posted by: Buddle on 05-23-2017 at 03:10
Beautiful..Great report and ladies who dat!!
Comment Posted by: ElGringrow on 03-23-2017 at 15:25
Fantastic. Love the shot of the trim...looks like good hash material
Comment Posted by: WaxyTaxi on 02-20-2017 at 04:08
damn sexy. whooo
Comment Posted by: moses wellfleet on 02-12-2017 at 20:35
Never get tired of looking at these pictures!
Comment Posted by: Avaible on 02-11-2017 at 01:18
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