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AK48 Grow Report
Posted By: spugg My Strains
Genotype: Mostly Indica
Breeder: Nirvana
Grow Location: Indoor
Medium: Soil
Sea of Green? No
Lighting & Wattage: 8x23W of cfl
Fertilizing Method: organic
Pruning Method: scrog
Flowering Time: 70 days
Grow Results
Appearance: 2 phenos, one more indica, one more sativa leaning. Strong lateral branching. Tight between nodes.
Odor: Fruity, somewhat like cherrys.
Average Height: Low due to scroging.
Yield Per Plant:
Very smooth vapor, and a hint of fruit, and green.
Happy, introspective, emotional, terrifying, too much.
Ease of Growing:
Overall Rating:
AK48 Grow Notes
This strain was super easy to grow. It sprouts, it grows vigorously and takes some abuse. In the end, the buds aren't as tight as they could be, but the yield is ok, slightly above average.

Plants look either more like indicas or more like sativas, but they all stay short and bushy. There is quite some variation.


Every plant has a different one. I grew out four girls.

1. The happy pheno
This is quite strong stuff. It creeps up on you after a few minutes and peaks at about 30. This is a happy high, a little heart racy but it also locks you to the couch. Not exactly psycedelic but when you close your eyes, long forgotten images from your childhood appear and become o so vivid. Your self splits into many interlocked personalities, all those different yous from various stations in your life, and you become strangely philosophical.

2. The too much! drunk pheno
This one I got rid of. It yielded most of all of them, but the buzz was unpleasant. It's super intense, knocks you down, and you feel drunk, like way too much vodka, or something. For about half a minute it's super trippy, you freak out, your mind splits with a kind of ziiiing! But that goes away, and then its just dull and dizzying. Also it leaves you with a headache. Horrible stuff.

3. The Really happy strong pheno
This one was very sativa like in appearance and the quickest finisher. It smokes a lot like the first pheno but stronger, more elevating. The best of the bunch.

4. The small scare pheno
This one too is more sativa leaning in appearance. The high is troubling and makes you a little nervous, a little uncomfortable, but you can handle it. It's ok, it does it's thing, but without the joy of happy phenos.

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