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Double Strawberry Diesel Grow Report
Posted By: Momerath My Strains
Genotype: Mostly Sativa
Breeder: Reservoir Seeds
Grow Location: Outdoor
Medium: Grown in the earth with little ammendments. Part Black Gold CoCo Blend (a 50% coir mixture with worm
Sea of Green? No
Lighting & Wattage: The Sun :)
Fertilizing Method: Fed with fish emulsion in Veg, Tiger Bloom, Sweet in Flowering
Pruning Method: Untopped, very mild LST
Stature: Sturdy, christmas tree like plants with lots of br
Flowering Time: 1st-3rd week + of October, depending on phenotypes
Grow Results
Appearance: Big, somewhat bushy. Big colorful buds with tons of resin
Odor: Sweet, fruity, minty with diesely undertones
Average Height: 1-1.5 Meters. Could have gotten bigger if started earlier
Yield Per Plant:
Very smooth, sweet, tangy, and with a very pleasant aftertaste
This stuff is strong. Nice Ind/Sat blend, relaxing and uplifting
Ease of Growing:
Overall Rating:
Strain: Double Strawberry Diesel Rating:
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Double Strawberry Diesel Grow Notes
10/10 germinated and went into Black Gold potting soil in half gallon containers. Started about May 10 of last year. Lived in the greenhouse until about june 15th when the 8 remaining plants went into the ground. I planted 2 plants per plot (about 2 feet wide and equally deep) filled with a mix of black gold and the naturaly dirt. In hindsight should have made the holes bigger. I have remedied that situation for this season. They grew fairly quick in veg, being heavy drinkers. They all produced medium to dark green foliage with great natural branching occuring. I didnt top or train these girls and they each turned into a little bush. This season I have topped and trained all of them so we will see how they perform this way. So far its looking very promising. I recommend FIMing these because due to their naturally branchy physique, you can soon expect a monster of a shrub.

They were somewhat slow to show sex. Of the 8 that went in, I got 4 females, so I was happy. This is where they started showing their main differences between the phenotypes. The one I beleive to be a sour diesel dominant phenotype (plant A) had the most stretch in flower, and was the fastest grower. It grew taller and wider than any of the others once the stretch was initiated. This plant produced very large green/yellow/pinkish buds with a light sweet/fuel aroma, not much in the smell department until after a long cure. It was the highest yielding of the 4, giving me 3/4 of a pound from a somewhat small looking plant, I was impressed.
There were two phenotypes that were similar in nearly every department. They had slightly less stretch than plant A. They both had a strong sweet fruity musky smell, with colorful buds and pistils containing hues of pink, orange, gold, green, and purple (only on plant B was the purple found). Plant B was the more colorful plant, turning lavender at the end of flowering (mostly in the buds and the stalks, leaves stayed fairly green). This plant produced about 6oz of some very high quality fruity smelling bud. Not the heaviest yielder, but the winner as far as smell was concerned. Next to it was plant C, who was very similar in appearnce to plant B except without the purple coloring. The buds were pink gold and green with orange pistils. this was my personal favorite of the bunch because it had the most trichome coverage of all of them. This was hands down the most resinous of all of the DSD's, and the second biggest yielder giving me a little over a half pound. The smell was fruity sweet and fuely, in my opinion the best expression of the genetics.
The last of them would be plant D. This one had hardly any stretch once it entered flowering. It produced red pistils, and lots of them. this plant had a weird smell to it its whole life. It smelled somewhat minty, acrid, a little fruity, but not like the others. It produced long skinny buds that didnt fill in like the others did, and was disappointing in the yield department. It did turn some pretty spectacular colors in the foliage at the end of flowering, however they didnt carry over into the bud. Not much else to be said about this little girl :p

After the cure...
Plant A - Big green and orange buds with respectable resin coverage. Sweet herby smell with some diesel in it. The taste is that like sour diesel without the sourness, replaced by a smooth subtle sweetness. Also tastes of hash, due to high reson content. Smoke is smooth, non-expanding, and leaves no aftertaste. Its potent too. This has a moderate sativa-influenced high but with indica characteristics. Relaxing on the body and mind, great for activities and good day or night. A crowd pleaser for sure. Very Nice! 7/10

Plant B - Colorful purple/pink/gold/green buds with moderate resin coverage. Smell is very sweet and fruity, reminds me mildly of fruit preserves. Smell fills the room when breaking up the bud, definately an attention grabber. The taste is just like the smell, so sweet fruity and with a slight earthy hint. Best tasting of the lot. Leaves a sweet aftertaste in your mouth that everyone has commented on as being extremely pleasant. Not as potent as plant A, but the flavor more than makes up for it! Somewhat more indica leaning in the high department, but still right on track! 7.5/10

Plant C - Colorful like B, but without the purple, and nearly white/gold with resin, its caked on there. Smell is stronger than any others, with a powerful fruity fuely smell exiting the jar. This one gets noticed in public :). The taste is like a mix of A and B, with a wonderful sweet fruity hashy taste stays through the whole bowl til the end. The smoke is so smooth and easy on the throat and lungs its easy to take too big a rip and end up coughing on the floor. This stuff has a noticeable expansion due to the rediculous resin coverage. It is the stickiest stinkiest of the bunch, nearly impossible to roll a joint because of the resin. Its also the most potent of them all, that trait making this my favorite. It can cut through or enhance any other type of high (I like combining it with a pure sativa for a synergistic high) and there is almost no ceiling or tolerance buildup. My hands down favorite! 9/10

Plant D - Smaller, less dense green buds with red hairs. A subtle fruity minty smell is noticed from the jar, not very strong tho, and just sort of plain. The taste is ok, nothing very special. Tastes herby and minty and sort of sweet. Its slightly stingy on the throat, and does not leave a bad aftertaste. Not nearly as potent as the other three, its still good smoke, just not the best. Makes me appreciate the others! 5/10

I hope this was helpful to you all! I know I sure enjoyed this undertaking.

And lastly, I have to recommend this strain to everyone under the sun. It has something for everyone and it will remain in my garden for years to come :)

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Comment Posted by: NORCALMELTDOWN on 02-20-2010 at 22:14



Comment Posted by: Momerath on 01-12-2010 at 02:44
Grown in the USA, at about 44 north lattitude
Comment Posted by: FFawler on 12-11-2009 at 19:24

In witch country are they grown? I like to know if I can put them outside in my country (Belgium)?

Comment Posted by: dsdlover on 11-01-2009 at 17:26
I would say the strain could take up to 90 days depending on how you like your trikes. I cut at 88 when they were cloudy.
Comment Posted by: dsdlover on 10-20-2009 at 20:50
Very nice. The smell is wonderful, almost reminds me of the product "Sweet" and gasoline! Very good yeilder!
Comment Posted by: Mr.Gahn on 08-05-2009 at 12:09
very lovely, thorough report! thank you.
Comment Posted by: reverev313 on 05-29-2009 at 02:40
cant wait to try some nice job
Comment Posted by: Aerokush101 on 05-27-2009 at 17:14
Great Report.
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