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Pot of Gold Grow Report
Posted By: ItsAllOver My Strains
Genotype: Mostly Indica
Breeder: Flying Dutchmen
Grow Location: Indoor
Medium: DWC
Sea of Green? No
Lighting & Wattage: 600w
Fertilizing Method: Conventional Ferts - Holland Secret line
Pruning Method: LST to create bushes
Stature: Vegged to 12" high with significant side branching
Flowering Time: ~70 days
Grow Results
Appearance: Short bush, flowered out to 3x original height and 3x original diameter.
Odor: Pungent, hashy, spicy, and with a couple months cure time, chocolate is present. There is also a phe
Average Height: 3'
Yield Per Plant:
4 oz
Hashlike, spicy. Taste is not POG's strong suit. It is smooth, and not a bad taste at all, but not otherwordly complex.
Stoney, especially when harvested with ~50% amber trichs. Not too couch locky, but not the best strain to smoke as soon as you wake up.
Ease of Growing:
Overall Rating:
Pot of Gold Grow Notes
I don't know where the pics are relating to this grow, because it was a long time ago that I did this run.
Important info, I guess, would be:
- This was my first grow, and POG was excellent for me. Not too finicky about pH or nutrients. I basically followed the specs on the bottles and tried to keep pH in line and I ended up producing a great yield of AWESOME ganj.
- POG shows preflowers within 1 month of seedling stage.
- POG likes the light to be perfect once put into flowering. I had timer issues that led to a small amount of hermie issues and a couple immature seeds. Now, I have done some crazy things with the lighting of POG mothers (vegging obviously) and it seems to have no problem with this. Also, you can keep moms in stasis, basically not watering at all, if the lighting is low enough. No drooping or death, just little growth and maintenance. This is probably true of most other strains, too.
- POG likes the temperatures to be around 75-80. Does not do well in high heat.
- POG is very well-suited to SOG, which I have learned since the grow documented here.
- POG does not seem to eek any more yield out when using CO2. Flowering time is shortened, which is good, but beyond that not much effect is seen.
- POG is pretty stinky, make sure that C filter is in good order.

My opinion:
Get some, especially if you are looking for a commercial type strain. POG is great bud, yields well, and is easy to grow. That fits the commercial bill nicely.
If you're looking to grow for personal consumption, whether medical or not, POG would be good for you if you're looking at pain mitigation, especially if you have a need for large quantities of medicine.
If you're looking for a connoisseur's strain, this might be on the back burner for you. There are more strains out there with more complex aromas/tastes/highs

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Comment Posted by: on 03-22-2010 at 21:52
I have also grown POG and can confirm with all the comments.
Very consistent phenos in the seeds with dense internodal spacing and g ood compact buds... dominant indica in growth but a hint of sativa in a few's bud structure, but still compact, nothing whispy at all.

Very resiliant to ph fluctuations and nutrient mis-management --oops !

My rating: 4/5
Comment Posted by: Mr Nast on 10-14-2009 at 18:34
i grew out FD's POG from seed, and took the clone from the best one....

i agree with all the comments here so it seems a pretty homogenous strain all in all. im growing it from clone as i write this and iv had no trouble cloning or any other issues that seem to dog grows when working with a more 'touchy' strain.

It is a 'heavy' indica dominant strain, very good for meds as mentioned...but also has a very good sexual stimulation quality thats hard not to notice..hahaha

on average this is a very good strain unless ur a sativa-only person

also hates over-watering more than most

toke it easy
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