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Please read further to learn more about the IC Strain Guide.

The IC Strain Guide has several sections.

Strains: This is a guide to cannabis strains where you can find basic information on a particular genetic line. Each strain may have additional information including images, videos, links to other pages dealing with that strain and comments from growers and smokers.

Tip: You can add your own info about a strain by either adding a new grow report or commenting on the strain or another person's grow report. When adding a new strain, be sure to enter the breeder's name exactly as it is listed in the strainguide otherwise it won't show up everywhere. If you do not enter a breeder, the strain won't show up. If you don't enter an image, then the strain won't appear on the front page of the strainguide, so please try to enter as much info as possible.

Grower Reports: This guide contains more detail about a strain by people who have grown it. It includes ratings on various characteristics including taste, buzz and ease of growing. In addition there are images of the marijuana strain, videos, and notes about the grow by the grower.

My Strains: This page lists those strains that you have entered into the IC Strainguide, any grow reports you created and strains that you have bookmarked, subscribed to or rated. If you posted a strain or grow report you can check the status of it here and you also have the option to edit the strain. This is useful for keeping track of those strains that most interest you and those you'd like to purchase or grow.

Search Strains: This section lets you search our strain database using various criteria such as strain name, breeder, genotype and more.

Tip: Try searching for one word at a time for more results.

OG Strainguide: This wonderful strainguide has been incorporated into the IC Strain Guide so people can add new comments to it. You can also view the OG Strainguide as a separate feature. Please note that info in the OG Strainguide is very dated.

Journal Directory: This is a directory of our new Grow Journal system. There are also a great many grow reports in our forums.

Tip: You can link your own grow journal or any page relevant to a strain by clicking on "add grow link".

Breeders: Breeders are welcome to add new strains anytime, however if you'd like to link your strain to a page where it can be purchased, you must contact us for approval. If approved, you will be added to our list of breeders.

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