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Welcome to the IC Strain Guide. Here you can learn more about breeders and cannabis strains, post up your own strains, view photos of marijuana in various stages of growth, post up your own grow reports, search for hard to find genetics, comment on strains, post up links to Grow Journals and more! We've incorporated Overgrow's strain guide so you can add comments and links to those too.

New Strain!(1966 Strains)
CBD Critical Mass by Seedsman
This mostly indica is best for Indoor/Outdoor grows. It flowers in Photoperiod. It smells Sweet, fruity, citrus & grapefruit and tastes Sweet fruity. relaxing, pleasant.

New Breeder!(95 Breeders)
Grapevine Seeds
Grapevine Seeds produces small batches of seeds using quality genetics.
These lines were released Spring 2009 - The Bubblegum Projects v.1:

-OGBubblegum x Sour Bubble BX4
-Key x Sour Bubble BX4
-Sour Bubble BX4 IX1 Mother A
-Sour Bubble BX4 IX1 Mother B
-Sour Bubble BX3 x Sour Bubble BX4

Grapevine has also donated freebies such as Drizzle (Bliss x Querkle) and Bubblegumbo [OGBubblegum x (SBBX4 or h3ad's g13/diesel)].

Released Fall 2009:
-Purple Crown
-Key J

SeedBay is the only official vendor of Grapevine Seeds.

Find Grapevine Seeds at Seedbay!

New Grow Report!
Royal Freezeland by Clone only
This Mostly Indica is best for Outdoor grows. Using Sun,it flowered in 8-9 weeks revealing Stout. It smells Piney, floral and tastes Piney, floral with some hashish note. Great stone all around, perfect to forget..uhmmm!. This Royal Freezeland was grown in Agro-Mix.

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