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Welcome to the IC Strain Guide. Here you can learn more about breeders and cannabis strains, post up your own strains, view photos of marijuana in various stages of growth, post up your own grow reports, search for hard to find genetics, comment on strains, post up links to Grow Journals and more! We've incorporated Overgrow's strain guide so you can add comments and links to those too.

New Strain!(1961 Strains)
Black Domina by Sensi Seeds
This mostly indica is best for Indoor grows. It flowers in 9-11 weeks. It smells musky, funky-sweet black licorice, puppy breath, very slight fuel scent and tastes very similar to odor. immediate, 100% indica high - really feel it behind your eyes after the first exhale. Extremely calming..

New Breeder!(98 Breeders)

New Grow Report!
Original Amnesia by Dinafem
This Mostly Sativa is best for Indoor grows. Using 250 mh-400 hps,it flowered in 80 days revealing I found two phenotypes of this variety. one majority indica compact plant with bud very dense. the other sativa pheno structure with high bud close to. It smells Citric smell/lemon very intense and complex with hints of earth, moss and spices. and tastes Citrusy and pungent cedar, earth and moldy pepper. Effect extremely psychedelic sativa pure. This Original Amnesia was grown in Personall mix.

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