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HID Lamp Report: Agrosun Gold Deluxe MH

Okay. Grow complete and harvested. Bud formation was nice and dense for the most part. I am left with the feeling that if the plants had not been abused as badly as they were, we may have increased yield as much as 10% there, and we probably left 2% to 4% untapped by having to harvest too soon due to security issues - in other words I couldn't feel even the slightest bit secure that my son would do even a mediocre job of tending my garden while I was gone for 10 days, much less call the harvest window and harvest them. So we chopped those bastards down with regret in our hearts.

The Agrosun had a key role in this grow. We had five (5) eligible females heading into 12/12. One of the five was a drawf and yielded only a couple of ounces. One hermied and went down 10 days ahead of time and we got about 2 ounces plus out of it. The last three (all same phenotype) contributed about two pounds between themselves. If you run the Agrosun open, do not let it get any closer than 12" to your plants. In a decent hood, you can get them down to 6", but you will retard growth at 6", so don't get closer than 8" (check with your light meter). Adjust this light so that it is providing no more than 4,000 fc at the plant canopy level. This light will provide some serious grow results for stationary applications of say 16 to 18 square feet. Use a light mover and I would think you could squeeze as much as double the horizontal space.

Here's my final opinion on the Agrosun Gold Deluxe Metal Halide:

1. Intensity: 8 (good intensity to excellent)
2. Coverage: 6 (has a blind spot below the bulb running horizontally right down the bulb centerline)
3. Heat: 2 (bulb is very hot and requires care)
4. Vegitative Growth Efficacy: 9 (good vegging bulb)
5. Bloom Phase Efficacy: 8 (supported strong bud growth on sativas)
6. Reflector Interchangeability: 3 (uses POMB socket - run air-cooled only)
7. Cost: 7 - (higher than the typical 1000 watt bulb - $99.00 delivered)
8. Light Area: 13 square feet.
9. Plants/SF: 1.5
10. Grow Type: Seed - Bush Style Garden
11. Overall Rating: 7 (Pretty good bulb to use that has some bad spots. Get's the job done and is a fair to good range value at the current price structure.)

Bulb Information:

Agrosun Gold Deluxe Metal Halide Bulb
Maker: Venture Lighting(Hydrofarm)
Wattage Tested: 1000
Mean Lumens: 108,000
Initial Lumens: 131,000
Par Wattage: 531
Rated Life: 12000 hours
Lowest Quoted Price: Maryland Hydro (
Price: $89.00
Shipping: $10.00
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