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Maybe some semi noob may find this info usefull. Thread Tools
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Maybe some semi noob may find this info usefull.

Maybe some semi noob may find this info usefull.

Quote: SO your saying for the first 2 weeks indoor pregrowth... I dont need your special outdoor soil mixture? I can make do with everyday, straight out of the bag musta multa? Plz god tell me this is true..[/quote]

Yes that is true.

Look, Most of the additional ingredients that you apply on your outdoor plot will for a large part only become usefull during the second year.

Ofcourse the mineral applications will be possible to become taken up by your plants instantly, but the compost starter(microbial life in essence) needs to break down the chicken shit pellets first.

Hence, only a verry small portion of the chickenshit pellets will turn into plant nutrition this year, so it is good to carry it to your spot already.
But the effect of enriching your spot like that will mostly show off it's usefullness during the second year that you will be using that place.

Without the compost starter it even would not be of any use at all for just this year.

I noticed that biolan's musta multa has got a fair share of mineral based nutes. (as opposed to what they say btw, Cuz they claim it´s all bio, but it´s NOT!)

These mineral ferts will largely reach out untill 3 weeks of growth.

In short : In the field you need the right balance of organic and anorganic nutes. The organic ones usually cause your ph to go down, the anorganic ones cause it to go up.

But right now the biolan musta multa is all you need.

But when plants grow bigger they will need a richer soil to perform.

Make sure you will have all ingredients collected for outdoors otherwise you won't get much of a bud on plain musta multa solely.

Cuz otherwise your roots will grow out of the plot and be on dire straits at some point, but if you prepare the soil as I explained you before. (either spreading it on the surface and afterwards dropping the multa over it, or mixing it all together before you bring it in. I reckon you'll opt for # 1 as your most sensitive solution)

Make sure to cover a much larger area as where only the multa is situated.

Most ingredients (exept fosphorous) will travel by means of diffusion all over the place, and if you work further away from the exact radius of where your multa is situated than the nutrients that plants take up will be transported from further laying areas back to your roots again trough diffusion and restore what's been used up by your plants.

If your spot has lets say a diameter of 1.5 meter,then you should cover a diameter of at least 3 meter with ash, lime chicken shit pellets & compost starter. (the latter also holds relative high elements of N btw so don't underestimate it's potency to turn into something poisenous to your plants.

Plants need N ofcourse but it is the first one to turn poisonous when too much.
Plants like it so much, they have no mechanism to not take it up, so they will eat and eat so much of it that they will die in it.

As a matter of fact it would be even better to put more of the add ons in the outer circle of your spot as on the inner circle.
That way it will turn into a "automated feeding system" thanks to this principle called "diffusion".'

Hey, while you are at it, look out for syys lannoite (automn fertilizer) in the shape of PK

Ppl use to put it over their lawn in fall, but in small dosis it's good for us too for it's high P content.

But anyting that reads NPK you should discard! We don't want that N! Our chicken shit provides sufficient N already.End quote.
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