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Old 11-26-2010, 12:13 AM #1
Tommy G
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Wild Rose .:|:. Strain Report

___________Strain Report
____________________.:|Wild Rose|:.


Strain: Wild Rose (Rosetta Stone x The Hog)
Seed Bank: Sweet Seeds
Judge: Tommy G
Grower: Tommy G
Report date: 09 May 2010

[img]https://www.*****.com/boards/uploads/1274228174/gallery_55038_2803_10109.jpg[/img] [img]https://www.*****.com/boards/uploads/1274228174/gallery_55038_2803_7914.jpg[/img]


Ease of cultivation: 17
Yield: 18
Appearance: 17
Visible trychomes: 16
Aroma of the dried flowers: 19
Taste of the smoke/vapor: 18
Texture of the smoke/vapor: 17
Tolerance: 17
Effect: 18
Buzz duration: 18

Final result: 17,6 (176/200)

[img]https://www.*****.com/boards/uploads/1274228174/gallery_55038_2803_78544.jpg[/img] [img]https://www.*****.com/boards/uploads/1274228174/gallery_55038_2803_135358.jpg[/img]


Plant characteristics: A 65% Sativa plant but easy to grow indoors. It was grown in a very small space, 2 ft x 2 ft x 4 ft, with 9 plants, and I can say that her adaptability to such a tiny area was remarcable for a mostly Sativa hybrid. Features a good response to some moderate low stress training, which have allowed me to harvest 4 or 5 main buds from each plant. This is a plant with many branches and with a short space between the nodes. It develops huge buds, which makes up for their airy structure, but the flowers are very beautiful, with the shape of a pine tree (in the phenos with more characteristics of Rosetta Stone, I suppose) or with a more round shape and more compact (in the phenos with more characteristics of The Hog, I suppose). I harvested the 3 plants between day 61 and day 67 into flowering.

Aroma and taste descriptions: A fresh aroma, soft and incensed with citric tones. Orange, menthol and a slight touch of cathedral or wood. The taste is a bit different from the smell and even the taste of the vapor contains some tones previously unidentified when I first rubbed my fingers on the flowers to release the terpenes. From that taste I notice a nice spicy touch, with a strong pepper presence. But not unpleasant at all, since those flavors mix up with the freshness of a soft citric aroma with slight notes of mint, making up for an overall fresh and spicy taste. Anyway I must admit that a part of that freshness is possibly due to the fact that the weed is yet in the beginning of the curing process. And I suppose that, while the flowers grow old and cure, some part of that freshness will be lost, benefiting a more noticeable presence of the spicy taste.

.:|Flavors and Odours of the Flowers and their Vapors|:.

__.__[1 - hardly noticeable | 10 - strong presence]

Bitter [ ] Bittersweet [ ] Musk [ ] Ammonia [ ] Anise [3] Berry [ ] Blueberry [ ] Coffee [ ] Meat [ ] Church [2] Cedar [ ] Cherry [ ] Chewing Gum [6]
Chocolate [ ] Citric [4] Coconut [ ] Fuel [ ] Sweet [2] Spices [8] Floral [ ] Strawberry [ ] Fruit [ ] Candy [ ] Hashish [ ] Weed [ ]
Iron [ ] Incense [4] Soap [ ] Lemon [ ] Wood [2] Mango [ ] Peach [ ] Melon [ ] Mint [2] Menthol [2] Honey [ ] Moss [ ] Orange [6]
Nutmeg [2] Oil [ ] Perfume [ ] Leather [ ] Pepper [6] Pine [ ] Pineapple [ ] Rotten [ ] Grapefruit [ ] Cheese [ ] Chemical [ ] Liquorice [2]
Skunk [ ] Earthy [ ] Grape [ ] Vanilla [ ]

[img]https://www.*****.com/boards/uploads/1274228174/gallery_55038_2803_29236.jpg[/img] [img]https://www.*****.com/boards/uploads/1274228174/gallery_55038_2803_4514.jpg[/img]

Effect descriptions: The effect has some psychoactive characteristics. As it has been a long time since I'm only growing Indicas, the mostly Sativa effect was easy to notice. This is not the effect I most appreciate but I have to say that it is well balanced, providing a good dose of energy and euphoria without getting excessive. Well, the 1,6% of CBD may help to balance the effect, I suppose. Anyway I guess I also need a weed like this, for some occasions when the mostly Indicas don't work so well. It is powerful. With 3 or 4 hits (of smoke or vapor) one can get a very nice buzz. And that's a very nice buzz to go for a walk in the nature, chat with some friends and/or to eat a nice meal, since it helps to enhance the appetite. To sleep, watch TV or to be here writing this, it is not so adequate, but it is reasonably possible, unlike most of the Sativa strains. The effect takes a bit to get fully set, so 15 minutes after using it you will feel more stoned than only 5 minutes after toking, for example. A very well balanced Sativa effect.

Wild Rose ...:::|:::... Sweet Seeds

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Old 01-22-2011, 06:05 AM #2

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Nice work, congratulations for sweet seeds and tomy g, ¿ where are you la bruja de alveria?
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Old 02-04-2011, 11:33 PM #3
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Nice report on this strain, thank you for sharing. Love the color of those flowers
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