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Growzilla dual bulb reflector reviews?

Hi friends,

I am going to be setting up two hydrohut 3x3 tents, each with two air-cooled lights a 600w and a 400w. One would run at night and the other would run during the day.

Currently, I have three single bulb reflectors (2 super sun 2's and an easy cool 6 reflector), but fitting them in the tent will likely be a tight fit, and will necessitate some extra twists in my ducting. My exhaust fan is a 6 inch valueline (over 400 cfm) and my ducting runs about 25 feet at longest.

I just learned about the hydrofarm growzilla reflector, which holds two bulbs in the reflector, and was wondering if anyone here has experience with that reflector.

I am thinking the growzilla would get the bulbs closer to the center of the tent for a better footprint and would have less curves in the ducting for better exhaust.

Would it be worth it to replace the single bulb reflectors with growzillas, or should I just buy a fourth single bulb reflector and shoehorn in two reflectors into each tent?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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