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Walipini (An Underground Greenhouse?)

Hey howdy all, I just came across this whilst researching some information for myself, that is not cannabis related, and it occured to me that this may be "something" that someone could expand upon or look at a little closer as it pertains to what we like doing? Just a thought, obviously it's not "stealthy", but the idea intrigues me, thought someone may get a hair brained idear or two from it.

This is a guide on how to build an underground greenhouse that basically takes advantage of the earth's natural thermal properties to maintain a somewhat ok temp for growing, obviously it may not totally work year round, but it may be something that could extend growing seasons, as well as allow growers to use the big HPS in the sky? I dunno, just a thought. Check it out.

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Awesome post dude!

Thanks for the link.
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