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Old 01-25-2012, 03:23 AM #1

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Gage Green January Greetings 2012

Welcome to Gage Green 2012

This year happens to be very important for our family and communities around the world for many reasons. Changes are taking place in the world around us overnight and we see many challenges ahead. I believe, people throughout the world must begin to love themselves, come together to unite, and love each other. “Imagine.” Changes are also taking place at in the Gage Green Gardens to improve what we do in the labs and we are stepping up our efforts to consistently bring the highest quality you and medical cannabis patients everywhere expect.

Growers following us will soon find our Chemdawg OG “Chem King” crossed with Mr. Joseph OG. Expect bulbously stacked, sugary buds smelling of garlic and fuel delivered in AAA dark seeds with incredible parentage.

In fact, look forward to a whole array of Chemdawg inspired treasures. Included in this series will be Chemdawg D, Chemdawg 4, and a couple Chemdawg OG variants leaning towards the Underdog NY OG’s vine-like characteristics with the OG Joseph putting strength and girth in her limbs. I’m going to let you guys dwell on this for a bit...

Our recent success with the Inferno Haze clocking in high at 23.62% THC has been embraced by every local collective we have shown her to. This is what every medical grower desires to experience with their genetics; as opposed to being held back by dropping prices or, worse yet, product that just sits around waiting to be turned into concentrate.

On the other hand, landrace genetics are also very important with us and we have put considerable efforts during the outdoor seasons testing and growing out landrace strains from all corners of the world. We at Gage Green Group believe preserving the diversity of cannabis genetics to be significant for many reasons. Past projects have been extensive and have included open pollinations as well as mixes of various geographically diverse Indica and Sativa strains from generous donations as well as from our collection.

This year will be no different. We will be working with some Astura Mexicana Oaxacan beans gifted from Mr. Alkaline at ICMag. I grew up with Mexican pot in the early 70’s love the trippy red eyed sativa “floating” qualities… get the eyedrops! I am also going to be working with some various African landraces and will be doing open pollinations with them as well.

Another goal for Gage Green this year is to define a collection of medical strains (for various treatments) and to insure consistently high CBD percentage levels using our cut of the Harlequin bred by Wade Laughter. We will set out to achieve “high performance” levels that are intended to relieve and cure illnesses and ailments in many situations without fail. Look forward to a cross of our Harlequin matched with elite Mr. Joseph OG sometime this year.

I will be attempting to drop in more often although my time is short these days with all the tasks and new endeavors. Wishing all of you blessings and good cheer. May you all go out and brighten someone else’s day. It is always a great feeling to give- even if it’s just a smile.

Keyplay and the Crew

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right"
Hunter S. Thompson
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Bullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud ofBullfrog44 has much to be proud of
Great news. I am really digging the landrace genetics. Hope to get more of your gear this year.
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Old 01-26-2012, 07:41 PM #3
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wish you all the best for this years
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Old 02-13-2012, 07:02 PM #4

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bunkerman has a spectacular aura aboutbunkerman has a spectacular aura aboutbunkerman has a spectacular aura about
leia og is amazing:smell like diesel\fuel 4 phenos and 1 candy lemon pheno sun maiden in veg stage is a monster, very vigorous...also 100% germ. rate....

THANKS M4K !!!!!!!!!
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