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So much for perpetual runs, First we must veg the second run for a bigger yield...

Today Marks day 1 of Veg time, the Flowerroom was cleared this weekend and all the veggies were put into the flower room with 1600w to Veg until they look thick enough to make us a larger amount of herb.

Looks can be deceiving but I think the last run grown from seed is going to be close to one full elbow, lets hope soo!

It stinks alot in there, very lucky to have the best carbon scrubber I could afford jamming in there, no smell coming out the lab and that's key to our continued success!

No bugs, No Mold, No Mildew! Yay, I am so paranoid of nasties on my pot, I refuse to smoke substandard pot going forward and will pull everything from the flower room when its time to flower and bleach the walls and disinfect everything with very strong cleaners because I'm hoping to be perpetually flowering after this.


Flower a run in the flower room with 1600w and then at the same time do another run of the taller "haze" phenos in the hydrohut with another 1000w, first I need to purchase another aircooled hood and am considering the extra 90 dollars for a SuperSun II ($195), although I really like the econo cool 6 inch with glass and its only $110.

Going to flower in mostly 5 gallon growbags this time, and going to throw out all the promix from the last run and get a fresh bale, no need to reuse since I noticed last time I opened the bale of promix it had some white mold, like bread mold growing out of it, I might try a 50/50 mix of the mychorrizal fungi enhanced promix and the beneficial fungi this time, not sure yet.

Definately going to use co2 this time, I did not use it in the last grow.

The hazes are really sativa looking, they could end up taking a long time to flower properly. The yumboldt seedlings look amazing!! WOOHOOO. The revegging clones look spectacular, and the two purple revegging clones are as slow as GDP if not slower in veg, lol. other than that, we're cool!

Why do purple plants veg slow and flower slow?

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Nice colors and foxtail. great job

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Last post for this thread.....


Things went well! We made our quota, and actually we ended up really surprised with the results, I always under-estimate final tallies and am glad this was the case!

As a result I was able to really upgrade:

Purchase two new Hortilux Super Blue Bulbs (within each is a 600wHPS and 400wMH) and if you use one without a reflector you could see that the bottom tip is blue and the inside is yellow, but under the reflector, WOOOOHOOO ITS A MIXED SPECTRUM and BLUE but the best part is, I use glasses with UV protection, MY Hortiulx HPS Light do not have UV my glasses stay clear, with the new Bulbs they turn very dark instantly under the lights, WOOOOHOOOOO! (*in fact, the Hazes I am growing under one of them have already started to show red on the stems and richer bluer leaves, yay!

We have two new flower areas for a total of three, 2000w (one super blue and one regular Super HPS hortilux) over 6 haze plants. 1000w of Super Blue in the Hydrohut (aircooled) with 8 huge Hazes vegged for 9 weeks (flowered for 1 week then revegged for 5 after 3 1/2 week veg and, the room in this thread will still use 1600w all hortilux super hps and everything is aircooled except the 2000w room and that room has mylar around whereas the others do not.

Going to just add one new nutrient, PBP Bloom Soil, to alternate with EJ mix instead of the regular hydroponic PBP Bloom I solely used with the EJ mix alternating. Next year its gonna be a couple runs of Floralicious with Floralicious Plus, too see what all the fuss is about, but I tell you I love the taste of my mostly organic pot, nothing better than your own homegrown!

Yumboldts did not work out for me (no females, 2 hermies rest male, lots of freaks), luckily I started a few of all my seeds (personal stash from beans made on purpose and other by mistake) and after getting rid of a record number of males I was able to get 6 awesome females from homegrown beans and right now I'm curing the seeds from the Purple JH (huge mother of it, to be cloned soon!!) and the "C99 Pheno" JH which have three huge mothers that have the alternating nodes thing (its zigzagging towards the top and was the frostiest of the crew, she's the keeper!) and also two clone mothers of the White Widow of the strain that had the densest nuggets that looked like kushy golfballs and tasted really really fruity!

"C99 Pheno" JH

This thread was so much fun, yet I still feel paranoid posting because I live in such a wacky police state, but still I do this because I am a true patriot and I hope to inspire others to grow their own, make their own beans, and be the best pot lover you could be!

Hope this thread helped, the nutrients I used did not burn them at all, the advice from my friends on this thread really helped me a lot along the way this time around and things keep getting better over here. I know just beyond the horizon there are great things in store for us all, lets make sure we're ready when they get here! Peace and Love!


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