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Old 09-23-2007, 07:33 PM #21
ring that bell

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Looking really nice in there, Easy!
I'm just getting back to the great indoors after being strictly outdoors last 5 yrs, so it's fun to see what everyone else is doing. Yours is an inspiration for sure! Hope to see your hydro hut set-up too, as that's what I'll be using.

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Old 09-25-2007, 08:13 AM #22

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Thank you so much for posting and sharing in this, I just wanted to note last night I worked for a few hours and put in a 600w HPS with a 6 inch air duct to the existing 1000w HPS (both Hortilux, 1000w is much more bluer apparently) and the source of the inline fan (one of the "blue" ones from american made not elicent like my 4 inch and future 10 inch) is above a mountain air carbon filter 6 inch setup (like 3 feet tall I'm guess or slightly less) and exhaust is into the room with the Hydrohut and cloning area. On a side note, I really want to try the bulbs from they seem remarkably cheap and a very similar spectrum. I also read about CHM bulbs by philips and they seem to only be made for 400w setups but a sweet spectrum indeed. Now I think I want to get another 600w ballast and a nice hood for the hydrohut instead of using 1000w in there because it just gets too hot in there and we might go hydro later this winter in there (ebb and flow table 4x4 with four 3-5gallon buckets. ala texas kid with huge pots.) Right now, we have a bunch of great sprouts with potentially really great things in the mix and I'm excited about all that.

The flower room: its got the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreak or da FUNNNNNNNNNNNK I'm very excited because the majority of the Jack Herers are what I expected which is very sativa heavy tall mammas with a wild smell (all different) with long stems and clearly the white widows with the exception of two are much chunkier buds and very frosty too. Its truly a pleasure to be growing again, I missed this soo much everyone I could seriously go to tears of joy because I was soo damn pissed when I had to move and summer hit and my new grow area was too large to be cooled by a 10k btu so I had power issues (who wants a crazy electric bill?) in tandem with the infestation and was really pissed off, but I didn't want to grow with even one nasty bug infecting my grow medium and plants, I had enough and got rid of them. Truly couldn't be happier right now, I was born for this among other things

I made a breakthrough with my chanting, I been chanting to grow great meds and be able to take care of myself for a good while and enjoy it every step of the way, so far so good! The rest is gonna be like driving down a highway with the most beautiful sunset you ever did see. I wouldn't be chanting everyday without actual proof that it works in my life and I got it in spades right about now.

Tonight's feeding was:

20 ml of Pro-Tekt
50 ml of Earth Juice Bloom
60 ml of Budswel Liquid
45 ml of Meta-k
25 ml of Catalyst
30 ml of Sweet Citrus
5 ml of Backstrap Molasses (sticks to the bottom, so I mixed it in very well)
20 ml of Hygrozyme

I did not add the kool bloom booster or topmax because the ph was at 4.98 so I diluted with another bucket that was at 7.10. I mention topmax because I want to get some next time I go buy, I've had awesome results with this, the koolbloom was an experimental thing to try with sub-culture. Advanced Nutrients work better than GH in my opinion but I have seen the best results online with people that use GH 3 part or floralicious. To each his own, I don't grow fully organics because I have fun using 2 different kinds of nutes and my plants like eating different stuff, at least I keep telling myself that (tastes better in the end for me). If I was growing to make money I would use a 1 part end of story or a lucas formula GH 3 part senario, but since I grow for taste, white ash, and the best meds I can conjure up, it gets pricey, but in the future I will not be spending as much as I have for this startup (fingers crossed) because I'm broke now, lol. No money no more pot (not even jamaican junk marrow-pon-tar), Times without pot are alot worse than times without money, but I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo! and its allllll good, can you dig it?

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Old 09-26-2007, 05:18 AM #23

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I'm gonna pull her out soon and take a nice picture of the purple as soon as she gets fatter. Can't wait....

see two lights now as per the above post.

mountain air filter with the "blue" inline fan

babies in the hydrohut....

Old 09-26-2007, 05:24 AM #24
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easy like sunday mornin'...

wow...lookin' great from here, Easy!!

nice pictures!
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Old 09-26-2007, 05:28 AM #25

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Originally Posted by Sleepy
wow...lookin' great from here, Easy!!

nice pictures!
Thanks my dear brother,

More pictures? Sure why not...

these are the runts, and they are getting real frosty, towards the end of this session I will pull them out of the room and photograph under regular light so you could see the resin I'm seeing....


Old 09-26-2007, 05:34 AM #26

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within the jungle.... you will find....


Old 09-26-2007, 05:37 AM #27

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looks some kill bro!
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Old 09-27-2007, 05:27 AM #28

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Thanks Diggity! A new friend asked me: "Whats the Blue infline fan, how much cfm" so I went to BG Hydro and looked it up..... its a

Fantech FX6 Centrifugal Fan - 252 cfm

and the Mountain Air Carbon Filter is the 6 x 20 model.

I borrowed a high resolution camera for a couple days, I'll try and take some photos with it soon. BYE!

Old 09-27-2007, 07:03 AM #29

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looking nice......those strains sound real nice
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Old 09-29-2007, 06:12 PM #30

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Originally Posted by LatinThug
looking nice......those strains sound real nice
Thanks for popping in ThugPassion, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!

I came in to note that we have been very busy lately, hehehe. First we repotted the Hazes into square pots (2gal, not sure exactly maybe 1.5gal pots) with Promix. They were watered with:

30ml of Hygrozyme
50ml of Hydroguard
25ml of Greenfuse Grow Stimulator
30ml of Liquid Karma
a few drops of SuperThrive (B1 plus horomones)

They were in the hydrohut for about 2 weeks and just began to reveg, but are now back in the main flowerroom (1600w) and will hopefully revert back to flowering in 2 weeks. It seems like we have 11 Haze Females, and there are still another 10 Hazes that are undetermined. I will be cloning them soon because the clones in the cloner (cheap homemade bubbler) should be showing roots sometime this week and at that point I will prepare an entire run of Haze to Follow up the third run which is going to be the clones rooting now plus a bunch of new sprouts we have going on right now. I was speaking to the dude who helped me score the ounce of Haze this summer than provided these beans and he is an avid purchaser of exotics and high grade meds and since we scored that slightly seeded Haze he has yet to find an equivalent Haze or better. In fact, the only rivals to this haze I'm growing (with an unknown parent, could be hermie pollen or male) in his opinion are SFV OG Kush and the Bubba Kush. Right now the top Bud around is the Bubba Kush and its dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk. We were lucky to have a treat recently (couple days ago) and smoked some Original Diesel/ Headband Deez and its nothing like sour diesel at all, in fact East Coast Sour is light years ahead of it, in fact a select phenotype of Sour Bubble from Babba is right up there with them!(I miss that plant BUD!) This Haze is gonna be something special, I can feel it, and it will give me a chance to work on my SCROGGIN skills over the latter part of the fall as we gear up for their legendary stretch period. NOT even SSH or Schrom or Bullrider stretch like these plants, so its very close to the highest sativa dominant ratio I ever grew so its exciting! VERY EXCITING TO ME!

Let's talk about White Widows and Jack Herers, both extremely dank and it looks like we will have a nice harvest afterall. The late repot really did what I was hoping for and created the right environment in the rootzone for another round of Budding, I have such hairy Jack Herers that once they fill up are going to be huge! The plants where staked up later than usual (past 30 days I think) and have responded very well to the extra support by fattening up the previous growth with the bonus of budding over that growth to create alot (so soo much) bud growth I am very impressed. Its very exciting to see them doing so well, I spent an hour and a half in there just hanging with them and checking them out. The seeds that were produced accidentally are GIIIIIIIIINORMOUS!(GIGANTIC, HUGE, MASSIVE, ROBUST, TREMENDOUS) Biggest beans I have ever seen, I plucked one off just to check it out and found that they are mostly under the middle part of the seeded plants canopy and it doesnt look 50% of the crop is seeded anymore because there has been alot of bud growth and is more towards 33% or less in my opinion, but we will not know til the end, and I will keep the seeds from the best plants to grow next year and eat the rest (make a soy milkshake like I bubbleman once told me he does, then showed me on a thread a while back), its really healthy and packed full of protien. The smells are all different, ranging from the whiskey scented little purple JH female to the peppery sweet&sour smell of a WW to the uber dank really really strong cheap cologne scented JH (most sativa pheno). Its a friggin cornicopia of kind abundance in there and its taken going on 4 months to get to this point but now we're in the home stretch and the best is on the way. Resin production is in overdrive, my feedings have eliminated the use of Nitrogen and Liquid Karma, speaking of LK I was upset to see after not using it for a week and not mixing the bottle that when I put the turkey baster in there to suck out nutes only water came out and after a shake it turned black again, so POOOOOOOOOOO to the Makers of LK (selling me 50% ro WATER & 50% nutrient goodness, minus humic acid, tsk tsk), next time I will buy Floralicious and Floracious Plus (the LK equivalent), but we're going forward and doing the best we can with what we have. So I did a couple unique feedings, I initailly wanted to water the plants with straight water and give them a little mini flush but instead of using PH down to adjust the ph, I used a combo of KoolBloom, and some Budswell at 275 PPM with a 6.19 ph. The to follow up, I did another EarthJuice recipe (Bloom, Meta-K, Catalyst) with the Liquid Karma, Budswell, some Protekt, alot of Backstrap Molasses (you really got mix this stuff well and stick you hand in the bottom of the bucket and rub it out well then agitate and mix well because its soo sticky) and some Sweet (three different types of carbohydrate enhancements should really do the trick at this point). I kept the PPM on that mix around 650-700, then followed up with a dose of 80ppm tap water with phdown to adjust the PH which is usually around 6.30 after mixing. The tall oscillating fan gets switched from one side of the room to another every 3 days just so I don't leaf burn some plants and the air distribution is more evenish, also I rotate the plants when I remember to do so and shimmy around the growroom adjusting the plants to be covered (light coverage under the canopy) properly because no two are alike (so similar) at this point even though we are just dealing with two different strains. That WW is a quick finishing producer and looks like a straight 7-8 week plant with alot alot of resin, also the JH looks like it will be a 75-85 day finisher but if they need an extra ten days til the 95-100 day mark then we'll take em there, I'm really in need of a great smoke but I don't wanna screw this up, so I'll practice developing more patience because I really need it anyway (discipline).

The clones all have small buds on them and its funny to see them cloning, the purple clones have dark purple buds and the others are ranging from lime green to orangish. The temps got high this week so the new root growth was set back slightly but not much. Should be this week (i think I already said that). In a couple more weeks (more like 4 weeks, late october) after the new seedlings begin to get established and the flower room is cleared of the current run I might get another hydrohut or make a cloning seedling starter cabinet and use the Hydrohut to flower sativas then shift the flowerroom into a medical indica production room. I really need more indica in my life, lol.

I'll be back with photos sooner than later, and wish you all the very best! Byebye

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