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Hot head

Pepers, chili’s , capsicum.... growing, cooking, making hot sauce, even selling clones to the local farmers market Dude to offer to the public
I eat them whole and fresh when im in the mood! I mean a really good tasty very hot pepper gives me a kind of high. Strange but it does! Escepially the capsicum baccatum, to be specific aji pineapple! My favourite and so unknown. Over here all the know is spanish peper what is like an F1 mostly of 2 cayenne strains, and the thai bird pepers... i eat them for breakfast, even before coffee
i grow out at least 10 strains every year! Used to be 50 at least. But had to cut down due space and work...Had a website and was moderator on a Dutch chili forum for long time, been on tv 2 times to chat about it...Still have a Facebook page running all about the spicy fruits...Hah just found out a Chinese site use my Facebook pics of Carolina reapers to sell their seeds! Hahha yeah im pretty famous for it around here
been working on my F1 spanish dream last year and the f2 comes out Nice! Starting to flower. Hoping to find “the one”as i only got 3 Nice looking plants of the SDF2...any other hot headz around here ? Love to swap some seeds! Ooh cant wait to start my new recept smokey jays Peach ghost scorpion sauce.
Where are those hot headz here

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