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Short term trades in the stock market •$$$$$• Thread Tools Search this Thread
Old 02-01-2011, 09:09 PM #41

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CENX actually charts better with a 20 than 25 on something like a 3 month time frame. Honestly never looked at a 100...D'Oh!... but can see how it's useful. I've been looking at RES today and the 50 is useless but the 100 is primo as a support line...thx guys.

As for that aluminum report...definitely some good things happening with Alcoa and general market dynamics both for Al and the strengthening in the economy. I don't care about long term stuff as I'm usually only in something for a day or two. I still look at underlying influences always before entering any trade to enhance my chance for success. AA is up 4% today with the breakout on volume but the Feb 16 calls are up 75%...that's all I need but still think AA might hit $17.50 early as tomorrow. That's my target price to close out and isn't this thread about short term trades??? LOL!

BTW that chart of CENX looks a bit sloppy.

Old 02-02-2011, 03:46 AM #42
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I agree WEN could be a fully saturated stock and has better competition like YUM so WEN would be good for a trade or 2.But long term...if one is going to hold out and wait for the company to be picked up by a investment firm and it went higher like $10.00 more dollars a share then what it is now.Like Burger King went from $14.00 to $19.00 overnight when it was picked up and went private.
This doesn't happen alot.Some file for bankrupt and its get re-issued as a new stock again.Like WINN (winn-dixie) (Katrina flooded most of their stores and the stock went to 0 then got re-issued as new stock with a new price).

The 25MA and the 100MA.... I saw when I was chasing GLD -gold and in August of 2010 you can see both lines touched and now it's on the verge of touching again.We'll know either it's a pullback in Gold or it's the Bears making honey for themselves.With the 50MA-200MA it would have been harder to figure out the trend.

I heard BP is starting up dividends now..but its .07 per share per quarter rather the .84 cents per share per quarter.

The 25MA-100MA on BWP..the 25MA seems to be heading up so I'm going to confirm it if breaks $32.50 when the blue line crosses the red at 100MA...We'll know by next week.
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Old 02-02-2011, 11:18 PM #43
Madrus Rose
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bwld making its pre-super bowl move , lol

(buffalo wings)
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Old 02-02-2011, 11:27 PM #44
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Anyone trading commodities? They seem to be outperforming equities right now.

Granted this is going to eventually starve the third world (ie Middle East and North Africa not liking it right now), but seems that lots of people are making money off the trade.

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Old 02-03-2011, 12:12 AM #45

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Originally Posted by Madrus Rose View Post
bwld making its pre-super bowl move , lol

(buffalo wings)
LOL...I should check out the pizza stocks.

Anyone trading commodities? They seem to be outperforming equities right now.
I've never touched commodities and only deal with stocks and even then only those I can understand what they're doing. I stay away from drug companies, biotechs and some others cause I just can't get my head around what they do and how that fits into the marketplace, competition, etc.

As for that commodity stock the US has such an oversupply of natty gas companies are looking at building export facilities. LNG is one and had a nice 2 day run. Sold a bit early but still did OK. Another company yesterday announced they're going to build an export facility in Maryland but forgot their name. None of these facilities will come online until like 2015 or just before. Still natty gas in the UK goes for twice what it sells for in the US so long term this could work out good for stocks like LNG.

Solar was hot today...nice pop on SOL out of the consolidation . I think energy stocks have room to run and focusing there and some select tech issues. Big caps looking good too.

Missed MGIC though...was looking at that at the close yesterday but usually stay away from earnings announcements. HLIT looks good but once again earnings due after the close tomorrow. Most techs are beating estimates though and providing positive outlooks.

Old 02-06-2011, 06:08 PM #46

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AAPL - don't know about shorting it here and more apt to believe it's gonna pop. Lots of strong stocks breaking out recently. Most of the action in techs but retail doing good like LULU, UA, TIF.

HLIT - not surprised that went off but CCME imploded...never seen the bears and bulls so far apart on the 'story' and the bears won this one.

Old 02-06-2011, 10:26 PM #47

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what is your opinion Hershey or similar leading up to vday?
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Old 02-06-2011, 11:46 PM #48

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Originally Posted by ericed View Post
what is your opinion Hershey or similar leading up to vday?
Mmmmm...I don't play stocks like that but took a look at HSY and what I see is...

1. It's a large cap stock finishing up a 9 month base. A dinosaur behemoth really that moves slowly. Valentines day is kind of a blip with a stock like this. I'd think more peeps buy flowers and for sure more chocolate moves during Halloween especially with the grade of chocolate HSY makes. How many guys give Hershey bars to their ladies? Maybe in the trailer!!!
2. Made a nice move thru $50 on volume but I wouldn't get interested in the stock until it starts working around $52. I mean $50 to $52 is a 4% gain and pretty sure it'll get to $52 but a ton of resistance at that point. Clearly defined channel though between $46 and $52.
3. Institutions don't like the stock and you can see that with it ignoring it's 200 day moving average and it's E (bottom of the barrel) Investors Business Daily rating for the group it's in. Institutions move the market/stocks and not individual investors.
4. While the leader in it's group it lags the entire market in it's Composite Rating, Earnings Per Share and Relative Strength but the stock is being accumulated though.

No I don't see much happening with this stock in the near term...then again I passed on JDSU near the close on Thursday then it popped 20% on Friday...LOL! Still I don't see much potential with HSY at this time. Honestly RMCF in that group, #2, looks better technically but very thinly traded and has some bad things going for it also fundamentally.

Take what I said with a grain of salt bro. In some ways the market has already priced in any Valentines Day move...unless there is a surprise when they announce earnings and especially if they raise guidance.

Looks like HSY is improving though. FLWS (1-800-flowers) made a nice gap move recently and consolidating the gain but at $2.75 I'd stay away and the chart in general looks like crap.

I don't see much happening with any Valentines Day move and seems the companies that would benefit from sales have already done the deed a bit.

Old 02-07-2011, 10:53 PM #49

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Ericed - another option for a Valentine's Day play is OPEN. They process restaurant reservations. It's a leading stock and has had a great run in the past 2 weeks and is extended. I mentioned this one awhile back. Not something I'd go after at this point and just FYI stuff...

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 7, 2011 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- According to a new survey by OpenTable, Inc. OPEN (, a leading provider of free, real-time online restaurant reservations for diners and guest management solutions for restaurants, this Valentine's Day is poised to be a busy one for restaurants with nearly 90 percent of respondents saying they plan to celebrate by dining out. "When Valentine's Day bookends a weekend, it's typically good for restaurants and diners," said Caroline Potter, Chief Dining Officer for OpenTable. "With Valentine's Day falling on a Monday, diners have four days -- Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday -- to enjoy a romantic meal with their loved ones. Plus, 'Valentine's Day Weekend' provides more opportunities to secure reservations at the most popular romantic restaurants."
I'm still a fan of some energy stocks like KOG, NOG and even EGY where they're at now, RES seems like it needs more work, but techs going off. SOL in the solar sector looks nice even though not a leader in that sector. EZCH and TQNT made some nice moves today. I like EZCH better but they report on Thursday. TQNT is running at 90% capacity and mainly tied to AAPL at this point. While it may move in the near term hard to see where long term growth will come from. Speaking of AAPL...a new high and not overbought!

Old 02-08-2011, 04:19 PM #50

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I'm basically talking to myself in this thread. Godluck to anyone messing with stocks short or long term

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