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Old 02-05-2009, 09:06 PM #1
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Question Organic Feeding

Hello International Cannagraphic readers.
I am not a first time grower, however i am still relatively inexperienced and am in need of some advice and guidence.
Please take a moment of your time to read this and get back to me.
My last crop was planted in a 6 litre container, the medium i used was incredibily dirty stoney soil i dug up from my back lawn. I fed my plant no nutrients, only tap water and i actually abandoned my plant for a good 5 months while i was away on work and my plant was mostly eaten.
I have now realized the areas in which i have went wrong (All areas).
My question is, how can i feed my plant organicly using food skins? I am currently decomposing lots of food skins into compost and i will be using that compost for my root medium, however i am still pretty stuck with ideas on how to fertilize my futer plants.
Thanks for your time and hopefully your advice.
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Why all the experimenting and such?

Buy a decent soil medium, I use pro-mix hp, cut it 3 parts pro-mix hp, 1 part perlite, 1 part earth worm castings. Get some Earth Juice 100% Organic Grow/Bloom/Catalyst.

Just trying to help make it easier for you. There are other routes to take but that is about as noob-proof as you can get IMO.
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Jahkaya is on a distinguished road this is a forum about growing Mdanzigs strains and related subjects.

your best bet is to start a compost heap. research the best things to put in there and the right ratios.

After a year of doing mine, with the proper amount of leaf debris and much turning, I was able to make a nice compost tea. My plants kicked ass with it, but that was not all I was feeding.

IF you are growing outdoors in relatively fertile ground, you get get away with just this as your sole fertilizer. ( not optimum)

Otherwise use a mix similar to what midwest has with proper nutes for the various stages, and be sure to use the appropriate size pot. 6 liters won't cut it for any plant much longer than a month or two under ideal conditions.

cannabis is a hardy plant, but you need to give it the basics and a bit of attention if you intend to have any sort of harvest.
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Mix # 1

1 tablespoon per gallon bat guano ( Indonesian or Mexican guano ) depending on cycle
1 tablespoon per gallon Ancient Forest
1 tablespoon per gallon unsulphered molasses's
2 tablespoon per gallon worm castings
1 tablespoon per gallon ( fish emulsion/ kelp mix )

Hang all dry mix in pantyhose HEAVILY aerated and pour in liquids. I let go for 24hrs.

Mix # 2
Vegetation cycle AACT tea:

1 cup of earthworm castings
1/4 cup kelp meal
1/4 cup fish fish hydrolysate
1/2 teaspoon pure humic acid
1 tablespoon soft rock phosophate
2 tablespoons organic alfalfa meal
1 teaspoon molasses

I put everything in a stocking in a DIY five gallon brewer with a 77lpm air pump using a PVC air diffuser on the bottom of the bucket filled with well water to 6-8" below the brim at 70° for 24 hours and dilute brewed tea at a 10:1 ratio with well water for drench and foliar applications.

Mix # 4

Here's an effective fungal tea for flowering:

6 tbsps of liquid hydrolyzed fish fertilizer
6 tbsps earthworm castings
6 tbsps Dr.Earth Bud and Bloom Fertilizer
2 tbsps molasses.

Add to ~5 gallons of water and aerate for 18 hours at 75°, dilute 3:1 with water for drench applications.

Fungal teas are important during the flowering phase as fungal microbes play a major role in the uptake of phosphorus

Mix #5

Per gallon of water:

2 TBS Alfalfa Meal
3 TBS Worm Castings
1 TBS Kelp Meal
1 tsp Molasses

Shake it up in a bottle with good water as many times a day as you can remember too, pour it from container to container to aerate a bit.
I use it within 18 to 24 hours. Beyond that it goes from smelling real earthy and rich (good, especially when it fizzes little bubbles) to smelling like death rolled in mierda. Sorry, but it does. Too stoned=rotten tea...Good Tea=Stoned too good

Mix #6

1 tbs rabbit poo
1 tbs alfalfa
1 tbs kelp
1 tbs ewc
2 tbs molasses
& when the extra nitrogen is needed
1 tbs fish emulsion

usually this is brewed & applied right from the container, i believe its a 30 something gallon container with excellent results

Mix #7

1 tbsp liquid karma
1 tbsp molasses
1 tbsp of Maxicrops Liquid seaweed
about 1/8 cup of Jamaican Bat Guano, Worm Castings and Peruvian Seabird Guano

all this gets mixed strait into about 2 gallons of well water where it stays for about 24 hours with a air stone running in the bottom, getting stirred occasionally.

Afterwards I dip up what I plan on using for my cannabis plant/plants and pour it out into another wide mouthed gallon container (leaving the bulk of the solids in the bottom of the bucket). I ph the mixture if needed to get it in the correct range and water away (sometimes I cut the tea with more water depending on what the plant can handle). I have given a second life to a burnt plant with this mixture and can't wait to try a similar brew on more plants from start to finish.
I take whats left of the brew and water it down and use it outside in the garden for some of the best organic fruit and vegies ever!

Mix #8

4 handfuls of soil secrets tpp compost
4 handfuls of soil secrets earth magic ( blend of cultured humus, worm castings, rock dust, black kelp green kelp local new mexico soil borne organisms mychorrizal propagules and root tissues.
4 handfuls of soil secrets protein crumbles (vegetable proteins and seaweed/kelp
2 handfuls of Peruvian seabird guano
8 tbsp high brix molasses
in a sock with a rock and 4 in air stone 8l per hr of air pumped through

Mix #9
1 cup quality earthworm castings
5 TBS black-strap molasses
5 TBS Liquid Karma(just started this recently
5 gallons H2o

Aerate for a day or two, and feed. I especially like ewc tea for my seedlings and fresh rooted clones, or anytime I want to add benny's to my soil.

Mix #10
1 cup high bacterial compost
1 cup high fungal compost
5 TBS black strap molasses
5 TSP kelp extract
5 gallons H20

I like to add compost teas to my soil every two or three weeks. Sometimes I'll go more bacterial, other times higher fungal, but this is a good proportionate mix. You could probably cut back on the compost a bit, to 1/2 a cup of each.

Mix #11

1 cup alfalfa meal
2 TBS epsom salt
5 Gallon H2o

That's it. Stir occasionally, but no need to aerate as I'm not trying to increase microbial population, but rather the benefits of the nutrient values. I usually use this mix in veg when my plants look like they need a kick of N.

1/2 TSP kelp extract(either maxicrop or KIS soluble seaweed)
1 gallon H20

I use the kelp as a foliar spray for my clones, during veg, and also for the first two weeks of flower. Kelp is full of good stuff.

helpfull I hope
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