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Old 01-02-2018, 01:51 PM #11

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T_B_M will become famous soon enoughT_B_M will become famous soon enough
Why is everyone so paranoid about cleanliness as if they were growing in a hospital? The best is using a new blade every time clones are taken. LMAO. I have been using the same razor blade to cut clones for about a year now. Is your environment really this dirty and full of bacteria? I think people go a little overboard because they don't know any better. I experimented for years after being extra cautious and clean when i first started growing and what I found was that the extra steps of cleanliness are unnecessary and a waste of time.

You want to bleach your plants? That sounds bad an unnatural. Tap water (especially city water) will be fine. It is already chlorinated it and will work fine for clone soaking.

Don't go overboard with the cleanliness and all that nonsense unless you REALLY need to. Keeping the clones too wet is usually the problem most have, then they think its a sterilization thing because the stem rotted. Well water does the same thing. If the stalk is always sopping wet, it will rot.
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Old 07-19-2018, 10:05 AM #12

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Iamnumber will become famous soon enoughIamnumber will become famous soon enoughIamnumber will become famous soon enough
I did have trouble with seeds and generating cutlings .. one plausible culprit is/was germs ..

Since then I have taken a lot of cutlings from my basil plant with fairly good % of success without worrying too much about sterile environment / tools.

I have been using tap water or tap water with root-complex compound. both work, seems faster with root-complex.

Q: How similar would you say basil is to cannabis in regards to taking cutlings? how about in building root system for plant? ( I mean how well would results about rootball development translate to cannabis? Trying to get some handle on when to transplant from small airpot to medium/large one)
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Old 01-17-2019, 02:10 PM #13

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izzypog is a jewel in the roughizzypog is a jewel in the roughizzypog is a jewel in the roughizzypog is a jewel in the roughizzypog is a jewel in the roughizzypog is a jewel in the roughizzypog is a jewel in the rough
@TBM, the extent of how far people go to grow their plants disturbs me. The process is simple, fill a cup with plain water, take a cutting and make sure it is suspended in a cup of water, wait two or three weeks, you now have a mother plant, it is that simple. Farmers have been growing crops for thousands of years, they used trial and error method, they must have been successful as there are over seven billion people on the Earth now. I have grown successfully for four years with little failure in my grows, I never check ppm or buy three hundred dollar nutes, I have smoked with many people who ask me to score a bag of my stuff, they do not know I grow.
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Old 01-23-2019, 12:39 PM #14

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WFAMFARMS will become famous soon enoughWFAMFARMS will become famous soon enough
What environmental conditions do y'all use for cloning? Room temp? Humidity? Style ie rockwool, rootriot cubes, aero, bubble? and what are your rooting times? I've heard of people claiming 4 days but in my own experience ten days is more like it.
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Old 04-06-2019, 05:57 AM #15

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methias will become famous soon enoughmethias will become famous soon enough
DIY Aero cloning machine

I just built a simple cloning/veg box.
DIY quantum board made from strip lights, two cloning buckets (2 gallon) with 7 slots each.

Now I am a newbie to cloning, OK, not new, just crappy. My success rate was almost 5% . Almost🙁.

As I said just built it, trimmed a donor clone, stuck a couple of cuttings in, set up a timer for 1 minute on 4 minutes off perpetual cycle to power to water pumps inside the buckets.
Tough part was locating 12volt water pumps that are good enough.
So far 1 rooted so fast I already put it in dirt. Sorry forgot to take pic😬.

Just checked the 14 cuttings (filled the empty slot) and 5 more show white (pre root) bumps that appear scale like and one with a 1/8" root starting.
Not one cutting has died. All look healthy.
I was told that this cloning method often provides a 100% success rate.

Must break out my macro this weekend to show.

Just using tap water PH 6.2
It's chilly there, about 60 F max so I just put a heater under one bucket to see if that speeds things up.
Pretty sure 75 to 85 would be a better temperature.
It's already beat my record. If I can get it dialed in, who knows.

I'll be back

Vape on..
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