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HG Sensi Hindu Kush (sativa narrow leaf phenotype)

I'm writing this after thr hardest hitting 15 minutes of escalating high goes. Beautifully smooth all the way. This will smash the regular user out quick and is pkeasant and forgiving enough thst a newbie could be eased into this albeit at a much lower dose it's that powerful.

Very trippy stuff but earthbound trip not astronomic or galactic.

Instant profound understanding of everything. Fully multitasking. Writing one thing and understanding another being heard in headphones is possible.

Multidimensional warm and welcoming vibrations caress one's body. It takes care of everything.

My examples were from 3 females out of 4 planted. Seeds were small and greenish and had some doubt about maturity but it germed in a few days in paper towel after 24 hr soak.

All three had a ‘sativa’ narrow leaf phenotype. One plant had variegated curling leaflets randomly around plant. The other looked very male from the start and the last was a runt. The smoked material for tonight came from that runt. These are extremely nute sensitive. I run the lowest concentration of Canna coco nutes to start and even with a reduction to half maximum dose the plant leaves had significant up to 50% tip browning during flowering.

The most vigorous plant which is growing in a 1L pot is huge. 1L!! This is the variegated twisting growth phenotype. This has tolerated the nutes alot better and has mild burn only.

All plants were supercropped with constant bending crushing even durijg flowering.

Buds have long medium tight densely packed colas. Plenty of one and 3 blade leaves with a droopy weeping growth pattern.

Matures anywhere from 7-9 weeks depending on lights and desired effects.

Ok I should mention this was prepared in order to get the most head high out of this I could. i don't like sleep weed so trichomes were looked at weekly from week five to seven and these were week 7 harvested.

Now I believe in traditional drying and curing but here's my way of sampling early. Smaller popcorns buds are trimmed from bottoms of larger bud stems and cut to a fine cut. An hour in a warm room lets the first release of water from the cutting evaporate naturally. After this I've used paper bags or small metal cooking/storage utensils (stainless steel only for me) to then dry in by heating indirectly with various heat sources but most often a hair dryer. At first ten minutes between heating. I heat 4 cardinal sides of the steel utensil to heat metal evenly and because i am constantly turning the metal I can feel the heat in the metal and stop if its becoming too hot to touch. This ensures a temperature of maximally around 50-70 degrees. Usually around 5-6 ten minute heating cycles is needed but it's worth it.

That's usually 30seconds to 1 minute heating with the hair dryer and then waiting 9 minutes before repeating.

This and mixing from time to time makes this into a nice brown green looking dried material. This is unlike any other drying method. I think the brown green appearance is from a concentration process of the hash on and in these buds. On the last drying mix I often pick out larger stems and throw brown resinous like dried material back.

This was vaped at low temp and temp 2 of a Pax3 with a half bowl. The fine cut earlier results in a very fine dried material but this isn't dust like it would be if it was intensely dry... it's like micro hash balls that have a little bit of moisture that smoothes the vapour and makes the hash much less harsh or choking.

By eight nice draws with medium vapour clouds I knew I was on the verge of something big. There were at least 4 more draws in it albeit with lighter vapour. But taking up to heat 3 and 4 would definitely get a bit more of the “heavier” cannabinoids so I tried to keep it light and it's really been interesting.

4 popcorn buds dry to easily two 3/4 full ovens of this very fine micro hash bud cuts. Maybe even some left over for a half bowl Dynavap Vapcap. Pax3 was only for the convenience. Good hits from the Vapcqp (which can be hard to get totally right) easily surpass the Pax3. So good that the ABV from the Pax3 can still get a nice buzz on a good Vapcap hit. I'm not an expert at it I must admit so I go with the Pax3. At least I never burn a load into black charcoal when utterly stoned on a Dynavap. Seriously... good hits from the vapcap can blast you so bad that you forget about clicks, waiting, what is time anyway? And stuff up in so many ways. Burn your throat on a superheated tip and inhaling all the crap. The worst I've heard is touching or handiling the heated tip somehow. Someone imagines someone putting the superheated tip into ones lips and really that would totally fuck up someone for the present and future. Look for people with scarred puckered up looking lips as if they're always whistling.

So flavour is not really relevant as I believe the penalty of the drying method above is a loss of terpenes. But the room has a very sweetly aromatic terpene Beta-caryophyllene. Anyone who has been to Brazil and smelt copaiba oil will know what this is like. A green and fresh smelling grassy odour with a tail of a deeper wood essence. This is present in the initial draws but changes to a deeper woody essence flavour quickly. Not as sticky or cloudy as a cigar flavour but has an obvious hashy origin.

The high is ultra pleasant with a super nice beat up escalation which is smooth. Everything is awesome. No paranoia, nothing unpleasant.

Thoughts are fast but not racing beyond keeping up. Memory is unaffected. Instead of doubling thought speed in a linear serial fashion.... this doubles the pipelines so multitasking is easy. Normal speed of thought but with at least two large bandwidth task pipelines.

Music is detailed beyond normal at over an hour following last draws. When it's the only thought direction all the pipelines process the music in ways you've never heard in quite this way.

Anyhow hope there was some useful stuff there. Questions are welcome but honestly I don't when I'll be posting again given I've got another half bowl plus of this micro hash fine cut dry material. mhfc maybe?

I've never read or heard of anyone else using this method before so I believe it may be novel and I an pleased to have been the one to present it first in that case.
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Good report very detailed
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Originally Posted by Brother Nature View Post
I love how this is a plant we've been breeding and manipulating for hundreds of years, if not more, in order to serve our needs yet we've only just recently started taking notes.
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Originally Posted by Illuminate View Post
Good report very detailed
No problem. I try my best to convey all the OCD nuances some of us have. Report style might not suit everyone but it's not about spoonfeeding for me. It's about discovery and comparison. The reader can see whether they relate or not.

Anyone who gets to the end and likes will have made me happy, and believe me this stuff is so nice that I get all the reward I need for sharing that from the weed itself. It thanks me for sharing our interaction to others of a similar mind.

It has no tongue, but some of us have to be the bards, the poets, the prophets who can convey some of the special ones to everyone.

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I grew sensi Hindu Kush awhile ago it was mild. Made some crosses may try the Iran cross had only one mother over a couple of years. However, I did grow a 12 pack of TRSC Chitral last year. Narrow and wide leaves. I had a narrow leaf that has a citrus smell and the hardest buds. The high is unlike any pure indica I have ever smoked. Relaxed but high am turning most into hash. The smells were from citrus to pine. I agree with Clark that some of these plants would be more productive rubbed rather than seized. I let the piney plant basically die in the ground. I tried seizing it. The resin was melted on the leaves. I could see it under magnification. The key to making seized, I think, is to harvie
early before the trics get to mature. It’s also easier if the weed is really aged for a year or so.
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Okay. Now I have had the third phenotype with the variegated and curled or whorled (whatever the correct term is) kush type I have to say this is on another level weight for weight against the other phenotypes.

Answers to everything sort of weed. This doesn't even give you a chance to surrender. It's super quick in terms of the downward gravity pull which flattens you with a constant wave of warmth and inspiration to let your mind surf and wander on all manner of meditations.

The more I am vaping this Hindu Kush the more I get the feeling that this is the true mother weed. The one with the highest genetic diversity due to it's continued sanctioned open pollination cultivation.

It seems to me thst so called sativa is just a mere dilution of this ones genes with those of a non drug variety fibre hemp plant. Robbing the sativa of the indicas true all over effects. The sativs being just the heady leftover from this cross of Kush with a non drug hemp variety thet steals out the bottom level of the indica., if that makes any sense.

Anyhow it's very fine weed. Still requires weeks of exploration as it cures. This one will be a good one to follow.
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