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ganjourno is just really niceganjourno is just really niceganjourno is just really niceganjourno is just really niceganjourno is just really niceganjourno is just really niceganjourno is just really niceganjourno is just really niceganjourno is just really nice
Originally Posted by Boyd Crowder View Post
tell us more about doser/soil setup
i prefer organics
whats different about draining , your number of plants from the initial run now
i see alot of white space over the walls of glue
is your strain choice geared for yield?
Right now I’m running blend of 3/4 ready-gro air mix coco to 1/4 FFOF to provide some biological baseline. I’ve found that multiple short feedings per day has led to the best results. Currently feed 3x per day increasing the duration as plants mature.

Nutes are botanicare CNS because I like the ease of the single part nutrient; and CNS runs pretty clean. You can’t really use dosers with anything chunky or gritty, so most organics are not suitable. The botanicare PBP line is pretty clean, but needs two bottles (PBP and cal-mag). I like my results now so not gonna rock the boat too much.

I switched over to smaller ~2gal tall square buckets that sit inside the blue buckets. I put down an inch or so of lava rocks as kind of a filter to keep the coco from draining out and then the medium on top of that. Smaller buckets go in hand with the multiple waterings and ensure no over saturation.

Currently 18 sites (six stacks of three) that are arrange in a hexagon around the light stack.

In terms of plant spacing, I’m still getting used to the new LED since it keeps the plants much shorter during stretch. Could have vegged 2-3 days longer in the last run to full in vertically a bit, but yields were still good. Need to finish silver-taping the blue buckets to maximize reflected light. With the rear fill lights placed between each row, the plants kind of grow “around” the sides of the bucket, which can help yields but needs more careful management, since it can get crowded where plants intersect left-to-right.

I grow for quality above all else but yield is certainly a factor in vetting genetics, as well as growth patterns. For this setup, something slightly stretchy is better since longer internodes help reduce crowding. OGs work really well since they’re viney and easy to train, but I tend to go for something a bit more unique. The pineapple cake has been really nice so far, it produces even in the shaded buds and is super sticky and dense, with a heavenly tropical nose and slight purple variegation in the buds. Blueberry muffins is a solid producer and beautiful fully purple buds, but it’s a bit fluffy with more larf to deal with, and the nose isn’t quite as enticing as the pineapple. It’s also a squatter plant which for this setup is not exactly a feature. May go mono crop of the pineapple next round...
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