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Old 04-23-2018, 06:16 PM #1
Rubber Chicken

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Autoflower weird behaviour?

I have been doing my own little Autoflower project and i waited to see which females i wanted to used to pollinate...

I kind of let them go a little too long and didn't pollinate them as early as i usually would.

About 2 weeks later i could see the seeds plumping up, and if i didn't pollinate them, they would be ready to harvest just about this time.

But now, since the seeds are still fattening it has started to put out a lot of bananas, and the lower flowers have started to grow a lot of fresh pistils.

I'm wondering if anyone thinks a late pollinating could cause this?
Like a major stress?

Thanks for any opinons.

Old 04-25-2018, 03:16 PM #2

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I don't have any experience with autos, but I don't think a late pollination would be especially stressful. Maybe if your light cycle or or watering have been erratic, that might be the culprit, but I'd guess It's more likely an issue of lazy selection on the part of the breeder.

Late hermies seem to be common enough in modern hybrids, and one of the problems with autos is that you can't keep clones to allow you to select for flowering traits. You can only make general observations about an entire batch of seed or pollinate a branch of each female and let it keep going after you've harvested the seed.

If the p1 generation was never allowed to go past the normal finishing time, they never would have known that the late herm trait was present.

If you're just making seed for your own use, you can decide whether late herms are a deal breaker or not. Personally, I'd avoid those plants as parents.
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Old 04-25-2018, 05:09 PM #3
Rubber Chicken

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Thanks for the reply.

It's just a cross i made.

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