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Old 09-10-2018, 11:57 PM #1

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Guild's New Grow Room. Indoor CFL & LED.

Hola tod@s,

Decided to get off my lazy butt and start my own grow log to not only share my experience but to serve as a reference for me to look back on in the future. Oh, the memories.

The Setup:
I have a germination/clone closet sized 0.267 square meters (2.87 square feet). Inside I have a 125w 'HortiLight' CFL from China (6000k) hung from a rope to remove any strain from the power cord. The power cord gets a couple wraps around the bar to get it away from the heat generated by the bulb. It's ghetto, and I am not sure if I'm over or under powered yet. Hopefully I'll need to lower the CFL as soon as things have sprouted and not scramble to source a more suitable (lower wattage) light.

The main tent is a Homebox Q120+... 1.44 square meters or 15.5 square feet (roughly a 4'x4'). I found this tent at Spannabis this year and was blown away. So far I like it. It uses something they called "PAR+" to line the inside which is a departure from typical mylar/foil reflective materials we are used to. Not sure if snake oil or not yet.

Inside is a Sylvania Gro-Lux LED with a 360w true draw. It's equivalent to somewhere between a 600 and 800w HID light but it's really difficult and crude to compare grow lights using wattage. Much smarter to look at PAR and PPFD then of course efficiency (μmol/J). I have been waiting for years for a LED fixture that doesn't suck and I finally found one. Passively cooled, glass lenses, IP67 rated, 1000+ PPFD @ recommended height and to top it all off over 3.06μmol/J efficiency. It's easily the best horticulture LED "available" on the market today. Good luck finding one though :( It wasn't easy, hence the quotes. More than enough horsepower for this tent.

The Grow:
Inside the tent are some rescue plants from a friend who needed to return to his home country for an emergency. It was her first grow and not knowing any better she germinated them under her stove's overhead light. She then panicked, went to the grow store and got a 400w HPS and torched them. Needless to say by the time I got them they were in poor shape. Anemic, light bleached, stretching -- I debated even taking them on at risk of wasting my time. I don't know why people don't do their homework first....

They look considerably better than when I first got them, but you can still see some carnage. I ended up culling a couple of the really ugly ones. I'm particularly interested in how this turbo stout indica is going to turn out:

The picture doesn't do her justice but she's probably the stoutest plant I've ever had in my garden, at least I hope it continues that way. You can see evidence of bleaching (previous owner's fault) and also some nute burn (my fault). Little bit of clawing and some tip burn but nothing drastic. They'll shake out of it.

Well if ya made it this far I really appreciate you reading my babble and look forward to any comments and/or constructive criticism. Next post I'll cover my own portion of this grow (image limit per post).

Happy Smoking. Out.
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Old 09-10-2018, 11:58 PM #2

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As for what's in the seedling cabinet:

3x Dinafem Blue Kush
3x Dinafem Gorilla
4x Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel
2x Ripper Seeds Washing Machine
3x Ripper Seeds Zombie Kush
5x Dinafem Cheese

All Spanish seed banks! Not on accident and also Indica dominant with the exception of the Blue Kush, also not on accident.

All popped via the 'paper towel method' and were sewn tonight Sept 9 2018.

Next update when I have something meaningful to show.

Happy smoking. Out.
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