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Old 10-01-2009, 04:11 AM #1
mister ask
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OG KUSH - Mastering the PINE flavor!

So my journey leads to me to ICMag....

Been a caregiver for 7-8 years now and I am finally at a point in my life I wanted to share with the ICmag community. Before I ask and tell, I wanted to thank a few people first... Lord Overtoke, Lady Overtoke, OGraskal, Lucas, Ghost, Katsu Bluebird, Green Crack Man, Rez Dog, Di wee Dalat, Krunchbubble, Kali Ku$H farmers, Orgnkid, and a few others I need not mention as they already know I got nothing but respect and love for them. Most of all, I want to thank God for leading the way, and carrying me through the tough times. You don’t really know how blessed you all are until you stop to think and look at others that are not so fortunate enough.
Each of the above have helped me along the way, mostly in 03 when Overgrow was the premiere place to learn, teach, ask, and answer.... Most of you here on ICmag remember those days, I'm sure. Some have love for the names mentioned, some don't. To each his own... I have never met any of these individuals, but one day, in the big sky, our paths will cross. BELIEVE THAT!

So on with the topic OG KUSH. That's all I experiment with, that's all I have experimented with for years minus the occasional Bubba (from OrgnKid) and Sour Diesel (from Rez). After a few years, I am realizing there is a true science to growing OG Kush. It’s not your average girl that will just take anything you give her, or output what other great strains give. The hardest part for me has been reaching the epitome of full flavor. I have done great with yields, I have done great with pruning techniques, and I even have had some of the shortest girls ever, without using superbud. Practice, Practice, Practice, is all I was told going through my learning stages. Here we are, years later, and I all I need to master for my own acceptation, is to achieve that PINE taste and smell. Now let me be the first to say, I am nowhere near a master farmer, I am not a Bushy Old grower either. I am just a regular Joe trying to do the best I can with what I have. However, I had to come out of my shell and ask some of you that also are on this path with me, if you also are having a difficulty achieving the full flavor of OG Kush?

A little history (that I know of)… There were only a few cuts going around in 01, 02, and 03. Most of the cuts people have today are from Ghost (from what I have been told, again it could be just opinion). When he obtained the cut, it was pretty much over for the ones who wanted to keep it on lock. If you are reading this Ghost, sit back and enjoy, you know this is all true! Obviously there were other OG members as well as CW (cannabis world) that had the true OG Kush cut and they passed it out as well. Now here we are years later, so many breeders have crossed the OG Kush with various strains for whatever reasons, and re-labeled it something else. Whatever it is, it is what it is… I have no hate for it… I did, I’ll be honest, but life must evolve and sh!t can’t be the same forever. Just take a look at how many pot stores are in LA alone, no one saw that coming, and if they did, they didn’t say it. Obviously there is more to it, but I am not here to reveal the history most true Kush farmers know, and for those that are new to it, just be happy you have the real cut and PRACTICE… You got it!

So let me explain where I am at, and if you can somewhat agree, or are on the same path as me, please chime in. Feel free to PM me if you want to be discreet.

Some questions relating to the flavor and scent of the OG Kush.
1. Have you ever done absolutely everything you thought was correct and when fully cured and dried, your OG was lacking that full PINE scent and flavor? It was just Lemon Skunky

2. Have you tried using Dehumidifiers in the drying process and still no PINE?

3. Have you added enhancers during the flush stage and still no PINE?

4. Have you used leeching elements (Clearx, Final Flush, Supernatural, etc,) and still no PINE?

5. Have you dried in the complete darkness for 2 weeks, with RH at 40-50%, exhaust timing, the works, and still no PINE?

I ask these things because these are a few steps I have taken to achieving that PINE flavor.
Someone once said, it’s a special way of doing things that will let you achieve the flavor. I have believed this someone for the past year now. Even though I never met them personally, I do know for a fact, they have the Real Pine OG Kush and remain to be one of the elite.

I can name you tons of nutrients I have tried (chemical, organics, hydro organics). I have also kept it simple (K.I.S.S) and I have also spent a lot on the best nuts just cause I thought it was the magic element. From all my tests, I think keeping it simple works best, but does not yield the most. Am I right here?
So what does my OG tastes and smell like… Surely you must know in order to chime in… So….

Right when the plant is harvested, I lack that flavor and scent of the PINE. I get this Lemon Diesel type scent for the first 24/48hrs. Then comes that hay smell that I dread so much because it leads me to believe I am doing something wrong. Sound familiar? After a few weeks of drying properly (40-50 RH and 55-65 degree room temps, complete darkness, fresh air on timers, exhaust on timers), I begin to get that lemony scent. More citrus than lemon pine. I usually test the dried plant by bending and snapping stems, when ready I begin the final manicure process, and begin burping in jars for however long it takes to get that lemon skunk smell. I also cut a head off while in the flush stage, suck on the stem, to see if the plant still has any chem in it. After all the processes are finalized, I test the smoke to see if it burns correctly (grey ash opposed to black coal). Pretty basic ay? I personally don’t think the elite PINE OG Kush farmers do this. But that’s opinion of course. Again, after all these years, I am still learning… I’ll be first to admit I have mostly everything down, and all I am lacking is the PINE flavor and PINE scent. Please trust the fact that it does taste great, and it does smell very pungent, but it’s more lemony than piney.

At one point I was under the impression I may have not obtained the real cut. I too had a cross of some sort and that’s why all my attempts have brought me to this lemon skunk vs. the true PINESOL PINE.
SO I respectfully ask, what am I doing wrong? Or better yet? What am I not doing right?

Can you give me a recent history on what type of OG cuts are out there?
Here’s the short list I know of reading IC MAG.
1. Abusive (where did this come from? It was not present in the days of OG and CW)
2. Ghost (I already know mostly everything about this one)
3. Hells Angels (whoa, I guess)
4. SFV (personally that’s a Ghost cut rebred, but again all speculation)
5. XXX OG (whatever with this one)
6. Pine Kush (can this be the one I don’t have)

There’s more, but these are the focus points for me for now. When you are experimenting, you must omit as much as possible before the experimentation process begins. They do this in science labs all day long, and I have adopted the same means and methods as lab specialists.

To recap, I must say that I value everyone’s opinion and recommendation. IF you are a novice and just started growing OG Kush, I wish you luck on your quest. It truly helps my patients live a better life and with that, I can also live better knowing I really helped someone. You are only supposed to look down at someone, only when helping them up!

In no way do I know the true history and nor do I care at this point because I know enough to thank those who paved the way for most of us.

If you feel like you can help or shed some light to what I have asked, please do...

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best. We are all in this together….. It’s US VS THEM..


Mister Ask
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Old 11-15-2009, 03:10 PM #2
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you got it all wrong.smell is result of growing conditions not drying. mostly type , intensity and spectrum of light.
type = artificial vs natural sunlight
intensity = amount of lumens plant recieve
spectrum = the structure of light /red light, blue light, uv light, ir light/
odour and undertones vary considerably

Another improtant factor of growing conditions is temperature during flowering. Smell definitely varies with the temperature.

drying and curing also matters in different way, because its a post process.
Best practice is to cut the whole plant, removing only fan leaves and trimming buds.
you need at least a month of slowly drying at temperatures below 15 degrees celcium with 60 % rh at least with peaks to 70% rh and lows at 55 % rh
and after week 3 you cut the branches and periodicaly putting the buds in a plastic bags for 10-20 hours to get the moisture move from stems to leafs.
slowly drying is needed to decompose chlorophil and oher organic structures.
Even though some undertones can come within 3 months of harvest, it`s strain dependant.
This time is needed for full decomposition of all organic matter, and the resin to ripe /through oxydizing/.
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Old 11-15-2009, 03:31 PM #3
danny karey

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What og kush do ya have. Ive got buddies who've had og kush since the late 90's. There a bunch of different cuts too, im not saying there all straight og kush, most of them are probabely hybreds. From, it sounds like the Tahoe og kush was the first, or that what they said?

The og's that ive heard of are:

The SFV (san fernando valley)
Tahoe (from lake tahoe)
Fire og (his buddy's had this cut since late 90's)
lemon larry cut ( smells like lemons, some seeds around of this)
Abusive (was from a board member named abusive, nothing like real OG, supposed to suck)
Ghost (made from a guy named ghost, i heard it sucked as far as the other ones)
hells angels ( not sure where this came from, I dunno if it's good or not, but Ive heard of it)

Those are the ones off the top of my head, ive heard of the papa OG, xxx og, venom og and bunch of other stupid names for OG's. Any bud your gonna buy in Cali, will probabely be named og kush even though it isn't.


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Old 11-18-2009, 07:30 AM #4
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Different types of OG KUSH:

-Tahoe= cut brought into the community by Swerve. The grower that Swerve got it from had sourced the cut in the Lake Tahoe area in the 90's.

-Larry= The Orange County Larry cut that is available in the medical scene came from the same Orange County crew that the H.A O.G Kush came from

-SFV= There are a million O.G cuts grown in the S.F.V, however the cut that goes by this name on these forums and in medical disp.

-Ghost= This cut came from ORGNKID, ORGNKID had sold a O.G cut to a Overgrow forum member named "Ghost" who further distributed the cut.

-Tripple OG= This cut came from ORGNKID. This cut is A.K.A Triple X/XXX O.G Kush. Triple O.G was popularly sold to medical patients by the now defunct C.A.L.M disp. of Malibu.

-Abusive= This cut was brought into the community by an overgrow member named "Abusive", believe it or not Abusive claimed to have got the cut through the rapper Snoop Dogg.

-SAC#2= Cut brought into the scene by forum member O.Gkushman, O.Gkushman got the cut from DJ Muggs.

-P.R OG A.K.A Private Reserve O.G= Another O.G cut that ORGNKID brought into the scene. The cut was sold to Med patients as Private Reserve O.G through the now defunct C.A.L.M disp. of Malibu.

-Apothecary = O.G cut brought into the scene by the apothecary seed co's Brett. Brett got it from a high profile Medical MJ activist in L.A back in 1999

-Diablo= This = cut came from the R.D.C disp. In the San Fernando Valley

-Raskal's OG= Another cut sourced in the San Fernando Valley. Cut was bought for several thousand dollars from ******* ***** members by a friends of OGraskal

-HA (Hell's Angels) OG= Cut came from an commercial H.A room in Orange County, grown by the same crew that brought the Orange County Larry cut into the medical Disp.

-Poison OG=Cut came from O.Gkushman, he grew it from seed found in a pound of O.G back in ‘96

-SAC#1 & #3= #1 came from G-Thumb in the San Fernando Valley, #3 came from San Fernando Valley but is very popular in Santa Barbara and sometimes goes by the name “Purple O.G Kush”, the cut was brought into the scene by the owner of the now defunct Hortipharm in Santa Barbara

To name a few......

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Old 11-18-2009, 09:10 AM #5

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buddin_904 will become famous soon enoughbuddin_904 will become famous soon enough
hahahha dammmm you guys r nerdz!
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Old 11-18-2009, 09:21 AM #6
The Strain Man

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the correct ph and not overferting is how you get the best taste and smell jmho

Old 11-18-2009, 09:21 AM #7


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The Og cut I have is most def Og but my source said the cut originally came to him via a close friend who worked as a production assistant or something and was gifted OG kush, Master kush and Urkle from B-Real of Cyprus Hill. Anyone heard anything about this story?
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Old 11-19-2009, 08:44 PM #8
danny karey

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Abusive isn't really an OG bro, or thats what everyone has said that has tried both. Kinda why I didn't list it. Alot of "oG Kush" looks likes it's from San fernando Valley, gee I wonder if it's just the OG Kush sfv kut re-named........hhmmmmm...Thats what i hear bro, from some very reliable peeps. Any clamed to be found buy guys that own dispensiary(sp) is most likely BS, most of them change names of strains anyway to get more money.

Im sure you've heard of all this guys, thats why I didn't list them.

And the B-real story is....survey says............bullshit..LOL. It's just an urban myth, Ive havn't heard shit come from B-real lips about it, so it's not varified.......So, for right now, I call.....BS. Ive heard like 10 people say that they have a friend of a friend who worked for him and blah blah blah........LOL.

Dj I have to say it? Until these people verify that they had these cuts to give in the first place, i say it's all stupid ones proved it yet, they just keep telling the story over and over again..LOL.

My .02


Old 02-27-2010, 06:26 AM #9
mister ask
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Thanks all for your replies...

Let me be the first to tell you, before all these strain names were brought to these message boards, I had the real OG Kush clone, like others. I was a wallowing member of OG, before IC was even created. So if you don't date that far back (OG and CW days), I'm talkin when So Quick was barely a mentor, then it's safe to say you guys are new gen green thumbs. There is nothing wrong with that by any means. Just trying to point out that the OG Kush fell into my hands in the late 90's/early 2000's, before 10 different cuts were evloved.

If I had to compare what I have to anything, it would be the punch of the tahoe, and the looks of the tahoe. I have asked most of my patients and that's what they tell me. Since they do occasionaly go to the med shops, they bring me back samples and tahoe has been the closest.

What I am looking for, only OG kush heads would know... Cause let's face it, most people are growing with the same nuts these days, and I feel like that's why the OG I am remember is not coming around anymore, and alot of commercial growers have taken over.

I personally have never dried for 1 month in perfect humidity, so maybe that can enhance the pine flavor and scent which im looking for. My next step is to start searching for the batch myself. It's a big hit or miss, I know...

Hey thank you all for chiming in... Where are the OG Kush heads?

P.S... someone modified my original post and edited OG******'s name, which I tried to credit because his posts in the early 2000's made me respect this culture more... Cmon now, props well deserved imo... but on you!
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Old 02-28-2010, 06:51 AM #10

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my crew blows up the b-real cut for years in the truckee area, its far as pine taste goes, for me i no longer grow kushes in anything but 100% organic soil mixes chock full of amendments, mainly bone meal and guano, followed by a couple light tea feedings and plain water for last 3-4 weeks of flower and i get a very piney product from bubba or og. I also have 2 phenos of the orig, the swerve tahoe cut and and an S1 i made from my really old cut out of garberville that i let loose after finding the s1 that was far superior in growth and product....the s1 is pure pine and fuel, the tahoe is more fuel and kush, still very piney.

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