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Originally Posted by rollinfunk View Post
When should you start doing a foliar spray (karaja, aloe, etc...)? How old? A couple of weeks? thanks
Start spraying at day 4 in your clone box. This is when you should start preventative spraying all the way through their whole life. I suggest Trifecta Boost and Trifecta Crop control at a rate of 2ml per gallon each, you can even go as little as 1ml per gallon or as high as 3ml per gallon. Organocide at 1oz per gallon kicks butt too and hasn't killed anything either. I always start at 1/4 strength of the label and find it works great on clones and for frequent spraying without burning anything as well. Always spray with lights off and allow to dry at least 30 minutes before turning on a light 2 hours to avoid any mishaps, 30 minutes is pushing it for sure.
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yeah I have been using the essential oils also this year outdoors with very impressive results. Mostly a mix of rosemary, palmarosa, cinnamon, and clove I make myself. Total strength is 0.5% oils, very effective. If you've ever put some in a plastic tub you will quickly understand how it would destroy their shell, the raw oils eat plastic in a big way

If it's not having the effect I want then I'd add some neem at 1% plus emulsifier at 0.5% for a total 2% oil mix with the other essentials and carry that on for a little bit. Do NOT spray in the middle of the day, only as the sun is going down and that goes for any essential oils as far as I am aware

If you are actively fighting something beasty and not doing prevention or mild infection then you need a good rotation strategy, different modes of mechanism on the insect kinda thing

In that case then I'd go to some spinosad, which is bar-none the most effective thing I have ever used on serious thrips shenanigans. Absolute devastation... use as directed on the tin

And then to make a good rotation out of it some soft soaps like Bronners in lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint flavour. I have gone to 1% with these with no issue and good effect. Makes your garden smell real nice. I tend to wash it off early in the morning though, dunno if that's necessary but I sorta worry about potassium salts being left on the leaves, call me crazy

all these three sprays work entirely differently in how they affect an insect as you guys will know. I reckon keeping them on their toes is a big part of the total picture

but really the essential oils is a huge one and enough for most preventative all by itself... just google it, you'll be reading very impressive results in white paper science stuff for hours

One study I saw recently had 95% mortality on spider mites after single application with cold-pressed hemp oil foliar spray at as little as 0.1% concentration. I'm thinking that is one I shall be looking into in the future... I'll see if I can dig up the study again so you folks can see it for yourself

but yeah that's what has been working over here for us for the last little while anyway fellas
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If there are two spotted spider mites on plants in an indoor grow, and you chop them down... What happens to the mites on the harvested plants? Do they get off the chopped plant and seek out another plant? Or do they stay on the plant, and die out as they lose food?
I'm trying to figure out how far away drying area should be away from growing area.
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Originally Posted by delicorganic View Post
woow ....what is it ?

was a spontaneous and totally random birth ?

or in some way u planned it ?
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