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Auto terrace 2018 - suggestion welcome

Hello people, i'd like to produce a little personal "summer stash" and i plan to grow 3 plants on my terrace.

i plan to grow autos xxl, for some reasons:
- regular and feminized seeds would be ready on september-october, i dont want to wait until then
- regular and feminized plants have a size and smell that isn't stealth enough for my terrace
- normal autos are a little too small, and wouldnt give enough product for my personal stash, so i think xxl autos are the good compromise: they need some more weeks then autos, but are more stealth than regular.

i plan to use 5 gallon (19 liters) white grow bags, light mix + perlite, bio liquid fertilizers, decanted tap water (with ph down if necessary).
i'll also have on the same terrace other pots with flowers and basil, to mix the smells (but i dont know if it's enough to cover them).

i'd like to hear your suggestion about the following points:

i don't know what to choose between H4ZE xxl, 4MNESIA xxl and M0BYDICK xxl.
considering factors like time seed/harvest, yield, stealth and smell, high/stoned, which would you suggest for a terrace?
considering that i prefer a more "high" and less "stoned" effect, should i choose the HAZE?

my terrace has no neighbours on 3 sides, but the 4th side has another building, same height, 10 meters (33 feet) far.
will 3 autos smell enough to be detected from the other building?
if yes, i'll need to move them somewhere else when they flower.

if theorically i wanted to grow the plants indoor for the first couple of weeks before bringing them to the terrace, which light should i use? possibly a low-consumption one.
and, if theorically i see that the plants smell too much and i want to finish the flowering indoor, what light should i use?
the smell at home is not a problem, i'm afraid of the smell outside.

unfortunately a dear person suffers of chronic pain for a disease in the bones. the doctor suggests painkillers made from opium, but the patient says this painkillers give her constipation.
can painkillers made from cannabis give the same problem?
maybe i should grow a strain with high CBD too, and try it (after i talked to the doctor, obviously).

thanks in advance for the answers!
i've read a lot and learnt a lot on the forum, i want to thank all the ones who took their time to write guides and personal experiences.
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