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Slownickel lounge, pull up a chair. CEC interpretation Thread Tools Search this Thread
Old 12-14-2017, 04:04 AM #3551

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calisun will become famous soon enough
Good Job GreenHands
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Old 12-14-2017, 01:15 PM #3552

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Arnold. is on a distinguished road
Thanks for showing us the ropes slownickel!
I'm new here. Spent about 3 days going through all the information and you got me convinced trying it out.
Congrats to all involved on the cup victories!

Already have gypsum and the Zn, Mn, Cu sulfates. Will start my lemon enzymes any day now.
What I donít yet have is an accurate soil test.
I want to sent a hybrid medium to spectrum, Iíll ask for the K-3 procedure by mail.
Iím also an avid gardener. Fruit, vegetables and ornamantels. The soil I have is black sandy soil, with a decent OM %. I mulch with compost, leaves and wood chips. Irrigation is rain water: low EC, slighty acid. Should I better order the K-3 procedure for my garden samples as well? Since the S3 doesnít seem to use the AA@8.2 for the calcium levels.
Next, spectrum says to take a sample of the top 7 inches, Tiedjens calls for 3 feet. Quiet a difference. Which method would you recommend?
And when I sent them in, should I kindly ask Ďto add them to the snownickel databaseí?

I did test my soil previous year using Loganís. I now know that this was not the best choice.
I did however find out I got way too high numbers of aluminium and iron.
Concerning the iron: should I add as much Mn sulfate to get aprox 0.8 Fe/Mn ratio? Iím afraid to harm my soil with those quantities. I guess I should add those quantities, but split them in a lot of smaller applications over letís say 3 years, right?

Any thing I can do about the aluminium? I read about the toxity problems on alkaline soils. So I guess, stay clear of (excess) calciumcarbonates and donít add more aluminium?

My soil test:

Cheers from Belgium!

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