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Originally Posted by zachrockbadenof View Post
i use 2 315's in a 4x3.5ft tent... imo that is not enough light- grew 6plants, and getting 2oz's per plant- not a great production- HOWEVER the 2 cmh's complete were 360bucks (180per) - i doubt u can get get similar light production from an led unless u spend 3 or 4x's the $360.. n i purchased 2 phillips argo bulbs for 49bucks each - i think the bulbs cost more now (bought em 6mos ago) but i am sure i will get at least 3grows from em, and it would take years to add up what 1 'good' led costs-
I'm finding better production by keeping them 20"-24" from plant tops (4plants). Closer, I was getting slower growth. I'm in a 4'x4' tent and also running them hotter than usual, 82F lights on, 75F lights off, RH 60% high to 49% low.. allot of early trimming (up to week 3 of bloom).

EDIT: my bulbs cost $139 phillips.

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I run 2 x 315 and I'm more than impressed with the lighting. If your only comparing to an old 400w HPS, then it's no contest. The 315w legitimately blows it out of the water.

I went with Grower's Choice for my lamps and am glad I went that route. If I was running multiple lights in sequence or in a grid, I'd be using the Cycloptics reflector hood and nothing else - but for my small space and limited height scenario, the Growers Choice all in one units were a perfect solution.

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