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Old 07-28-2010, 07:46 AM #1

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Question House Centipede questions

I found a house centipede in my veg room today. I have never seen this bug before and had no clue what it was until I looked it up. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with these bugs? Are they harmful to mj? I saw some small babies and started killing them and then I lost sight of the bigger one and haven't seen it since. I then cleaned the grow room out of all the babies and whatnot but Im worried about the one that got away. Online information states that the bug eats other bugs, but I haven't noticed anything on my plants until today. I looked all over my plants but cant find anything that mj growers would normally need to deal with. I just wanted to see if anyone has dealt with these bugs before and how I should go about it. Thanks guys for any help you can provide.

Keep Growin and Be Safe
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Old 07-28-2010, 08:39 AM #2

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I have them in my basement, they don't mess with me and I don't think they are dangerous but they are weird.
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They can be very toxic to humans(depends on species), so be careful. I think most of them are carnivorous, but I think they may eat plants if their lives depend on it.
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Do they look like this?

I got plenty of these in my house, behind the drywalls (old stone house). They are actually quite useful as they eat all sorts of insects. They are harmless to plants. Don't touch them though, as they are urticant.

Disgusting things though... I don't usually kill insects, but I have no pity for these.

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Old 07-28-2010, 05:25 PM #5

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Yeah they're related to shrimps, and lobsters...
Weird lil fuckers, and most definitely scary when they're scurrying toward you!!
But they are expert hunters, and so, can actually be a blessing in the garden...
They will NOT eat plants Xtensity.. So the garden is safe...
They're just creepy as fuck, that's all...

Some are painful if they get ya (potentially fatal to very, very few people), and some can't even break the skin...
It depends on where you live, and what species you have in your neck of the woods...
The ones in the Caribbean are SCARY! That I know... Can grow up to or over a foot!!!
I've seen ones in TN and they're not bad at all... Only grow up to 3-4 inches
So it varies..

If you absolutely wanted to get rid of them, don't use baits, because baits won't work...
They hunt by movement.
Better to lay a powder (if you have NO PETS!) type poison in the spots you think they might be infested in...
Lay a line, and they'll eventually walk through it...
You can even let a couple of small crickets loose at night, after you've laid the poison, to lure them (centipedes) out...
Live Peacefully...

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