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Please Read

High and Welcome to ic-mags coco forum,

in order to keep the coco forums from getting clogged up and to keep the info on a certain level, i ask you to please use the search function, before you post up basic growing questions. the best results are achieved by going to the appropriate forums and doing the search in that specific forum. as a general search can be too unspecific and overwhelm you with links, or provide non at all.

this forum is for coco specific growing to be discussed and shown. and it will get really old really fast if we get hundreds of threads asking about basic growing questions, that can be answered better by searching the faqs and forums first.

if you wish for coco specific, or related info, please try and find a going thread to post your questions in. that's what the sticky threads are for. it would be a shame to clog this section up with a bunch of threads asking the same old questions.

so let's try and only open new threads if it's really worth it and also use
the threads we already have for basic stuff where suitable.

other than that, bring on your coco grows folks. show me how you can make the coco dance.

thanks and peace,


your coco mod.

p.s. those wanting to document their coco grows are encouraged to do so.

edited to add some tips on using search function passed on by FreezerBoy

".....Search works best if you NEVER use the drop down window's entry field. Rather, one should click the Advanced link and, once there, click on the "Search Titles Only" box.

Example: Entering "muffler" in the drop down window brings up 201 threads spanning 11 pages. Most have little, if anything, to do with mufflers. It's just a word contained somewhere in thousands of posts in 201 threads. Using Advanced Search's Titles Only function reduces the hits to 8 threads on a single page. All dealing exclusively with mufflers.

Further, if you click Titles Only and save your preferences prior to entering a search term, every time you go to the Advanced Search, you'll search Titles Only by default......"

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I have recently gained interest in coco, I know right where to go to learn. Thanks!

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Coco Forum

Sounds cool Gaius, do you mean use the search button?
I never find what I want using it. I wish every single forum had as a standard sub-forum with all the intro and basics in a thread for newbies. I swear the search function is way too cumbersome as it pulls up a few key words in a million threads....did I make sense? I mean most stickys have some info, but I'd like to see every forum with a structured, step by step basic setup for newbies. It wouldn't cover all aspects or say one method was best, but a proven easy sure fire way for beginners. Then the rest of he threads could elaborate or stick to more complex and advanced applications. I still find this site kinda scattered with info.

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