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Nectar #4 coco anyone ever use it?

I see people get really good results using this and I wanna try it out but I know in order to get the best results from coco you gotta water it 3 or more times a day and well I can't do that or set up a auto drip system yet so I was wondering if anyone that uses this gets really good results just from watering once a day? I'm a noob when it comes to coco sorry guys lol
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Harry Lime

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Dunno about nectar, never used it but sure, you'll get results from watering coco once a day, just not the best results.
You might want to check out Hempy Buckets.
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NFTG#4 is a coco based soil mix. It has ewc, humus, and other amendments that hold a lot more water than the standard coco/perlite grows you see on here.

I use their #7 expanded coco because I'm a local and their prices are nearly the same as buying wholesale bricks. I have added perlite and ran it pure and had good results both ways.

If you use their nutrient line and water like its soil the #4 grows great. My associate swears by it and gets tip-top product. He just spends $200 a grow on nutrients and soil. I spend $30 on nutes, and reuse coco.

Coco is so much cheaper and quite forgiving. Forget soil unless you are going no till.
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