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StemznSeeds Journey into outer space.

Sup Mag?

I've been growing on and off for years. I've had small grows, I've had big grows. I took about 4 years off and I'm back at it again with a style i tried on the side of my room but never did a full room of but always wanted to.

Room Overview
  • Strains: GG#4, Blue Dream, Asian Bubble.
  • 150gpd ro auto topoff on 55 gal
  • COCO Coir DTW 2 gal pots.
  • 4k new hortilux bulbs glass removed, not using air cool feature
  • c02 and monitor
  • 14k btu 2 duct portable ac that dehumidifies through exhaust vent
  • big blue 6" inline ozone generator capable of handling 500+ cfm(on ac exhaust)
  • 2 phat filters
  • pico style irrigation (3/4" manifold, backflow hole in line over res, inline filter)
  • raceway tables
  • 6/9 h3ad formula (some cal mag & silica early on)
  • Milwaukee MC122 ph controller, custom pump with potentiometer allowing the slowest of drip for ph adjustment. Swing is minimal and this controller/pump setup does not overdose even when low.
  • 55gal feeding res
  • 3 500ml feedings beginning of flower/late veg
  • 4 600ml feedings now (3 weeks in)
  • 2 trellis levels everything reachable lollipopped below the lowest one. got lazy on training room isn't perfectly even.
  • left side lights have been adjusted since this picture so they properly align with the table and are not angled anymore.

Today's numbers/notes (3 weeks) read as follows:
  • RO water ppm 25
  • reservoirs ppm 749
  • reservoirs ph 5.5
  • sample plant 1 runoff 1,460
  • sample plant 2 runoff 1,180
  • current temp 73F
  • 24 hour high/low temp 66/79
  • Humidity has been rock solid at 16% for a few weeks
  • a low single digit percentage of plants show the smallest amount of tip burn (1/2mm)


  • Should I add humidity and bring it up some? 16% is low but they are fed quite often and the resin productions is the best i've had so early on some plants. the ac is the culprit of such low humidity so i would need to add a humidifier.
  • Should I lower my ec considering my runoff ec?
  • Should I incorporate a booster (koolbloom) if so how much considering the ec and watering schedule?

Every leaf is pointing to the sky and super happy no yellowing a few heat curls near the light but normal/minimal. I dont know exactly which plants are which I have 24 in the room and I got 30 cuts total, 5 were bd one was ab the rest were gg#4 and i transplanted before realizing i got 6 oddballs so the ab may not even be in the room it may be in my mom tent only time will tell.
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Another great looking grow in the coco section. Looks like a productive harvest is on it's way.

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