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Old 09-14-2018, 02:49 PM #51
Fatty Bubba

Join Date: Jan 2016
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Fatty Bubba will become famous soon enoughFatty Bubba will become famous soon enough
Looking forward to try this. Some years ago I purchased a bag of
Legends Ultimate Indica beans(remake of old spice of life's strain,
f2's or whatever they were? dunno) from Derg Corra collective and
got prolly a dozen of black domina 98 seeds as a freebie.
They were labelled as "black domina f3's from old sensi stock"
I grew them in 3 litter airpots, medium was coco coir, most of them were very good(yield & smoke vise) and i found one pheno that
made such a show off kinda looking buds, big as hell even when topped.. Only down side was that they weren't very mold resistant.
So I'm askin how is this line? Has the erdpurt crossing proven the mold resistance?
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Old 09-24-2018, 02:31 PM #52

Join Date: Jul 2017
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40degsouth will become famous soon enough
Hi everyone,
Hope you're well and your plants are better. Just tried to update the thread but when l clicked on " Post Quick Reply" it took me to the "log in" section, even though l already had and once l did, never took me back, or posted, my original post.
Just wanted to make sure this goes through before trying again. ��
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Old 09-24-2018, 03:44 PM #53

Join Date: Jul 2017
Posts: 14
40degsouth will become famous soon enough
I've been holding off posting in the hope that I'll have some good news about the first pack l ordered turning up but it hasn't and I don't think it will. I just hope whoever is in possession needs them more than l do and treats them with the respect the genetics deserve and appreciates the hard work and energy that's gone into the tiny seeds. There's also no way l can track the package.
Given this set back and the fact l was really looking forward to growing some of the other plants that were in the order, l reordered through my regular seedbank, which has never failed to get through, due to their detail in stealth shipping.
I decided to plant three seeds, in sterilised peat pellets with the bottoms cut out for unhindered root development, in early September. Two plants broke ground in 48 hours and the other one took an extra 36.
This plant got to about an inch high, with the seed cap still on, and stalled. I left it for a couple of days as one of the flouro globes went out and her sister's stretched a bit more, than l would have liked, for light.
This is a handy technique for deep plantings of seedlings for extra root development and stops transplant shock in older seedlings with the added benefit of extra root development as well, so it's not that bad.
By the time I got to her she had, kind of, damped off but the stem and cotelyedons were still healthy. I made a hole and pushed her into the growing medium and have been watering with a few drops of willow water every second day. She's now growing her second set of leaves and looking healthy. 🖖
It looks like I've got two different phenos as one has indica looking leaves and the other has thin, long, almost sativa leaves, so far in the early development.
I'm going to plant the most vigorous lady into a 1000 just to see what they can do and at the moment I'm struggling with the whole, to amend or not to amend......that's the question!!!!
Other than that, I've been feeling a bit behind this year and rushed, probably because I'm usually tending seedlings at this time of the year but the moon planting cycle is about two weeks behind. Mostly though, because l haven't got everything done that l wanted to.
In my experience this is a time to do the exact opposite and think deeply about what's going on and realise that I'm actually in front of where l was this time last year.
I'd like to finish off by thanking Orfeas for his reply and to say that l know exactly what you mean about "parallels". I find it bizarre that when you're getting up, I'm going to sleep and when you're pulling your plants, I'm planting mine. It's also find it amazing that we're both growing the same plants, produced in Spain and they are sisters and we can chat about them; we really are a global community.
It reminds me of the famous picture taken of the earth from space called "The Blue Marble", we are in deed all in this together!!
Anyway I'm wishing you all, all the very best and have enjoyed watching the development of Syd and Orfeas' plants, particularly topped versus untopped and the structure that produced.
NativeRedman 👍
Perhaps you guys could make comment on the bud development and structure when you get time, I'm very interested to hear how that goes. 🍻
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Old 09-24-2018, 11:09 PM #54
Syd Barrett
Senior Member

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Join Date: May 2016
Location: Sin City
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Syd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud ofSyd Barrett has much to be proud of
Hi 40 deg !I would have updated already (being the post whore I am ),but this summer I met the horror of broad /cyclamin mites ,which f*ed up almost all my indicas ...Amongst them,this beautiful bd98 x ep...
My specimen had the long slender leaves.I would guess that it was closer to bd than ep.She was in the 3rd-4th week of flowering when I culled it,around 15 August.So I would expect an early september harvest (early march for you).The only budlet I managed to catch a whiff of was strawberry skunky...It really seemed like a yielder.
About the seeds,I'd get in touch with dubi.He always takes care of such issues.
Greetings from 39 N!
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