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Old 07-16-2017, 03:54 PM #201

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Junk is just really niceJunk is just really niceJunk is just really niceJunk is just really niceJunk is just really niceJunk is just really niceJunk is just really niceJunk is just really niceJunk is just really nice
Forgot to add some of my experiences...Fwiw, I have severe and chronic pain, Chronic Fatigue, seizures, nausea, insomnia, anxiety...and I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Part of my disorder is that my muscles are tense and rigid all the time. I can't move freely, and what little I can move is painful.

Goji (I forget whose it is)- This one is good during the day. It's a happy, carefree feeling. If you use too much you won't get a lot done, but just don't go overboard and this one is great. For me, it's effects are mostly mental. My head feels good and I can get through the day.

Schrom is much different in smell, taste, etc but the effects are generally the same for me. Also, a little gets you going, a lot gets you stoned. I find Schrom has no ceiling. I love it every time. I forget the parents, and this one is very hard to find, but it feels like a gentle, long lasting Sativa. You will know if it's the real one when you flower it. It's a potent citrus/pine smell, extremely "bright" smelling. You know when you get a whiff of bleach, it's potent, but it somehow feels "clean?" This flower is like that...there is no mistaking it. It's loud, super-lemony, piney. It goes from your nose right to your eyes it's so lemony. It smells like a cleaner of some sort. If you don't notice what I said above, your cut is likely fake. I've seen this happen with Schrom, that's why I bring it up. It would be an asset to your medical tent, but make sure you are getting it from a reliable source.

Grape OG - This one is lovely at night. I forget the lineage atm, but this has a nice body stone. After a couple tokes I can actually feel my muscles letting go. I've been like this since I was 26 (I'm 39 now) It's an amazing relief. The fist time I experienced it, I cried. My body hadn't felt that "comfortable" in over a decade. And then I have no problems sleeping. But I can also use it during the day with no problems. I don't feel couch lock from it. If you have body pain or trouble sleeping, I highly recommend this one.

Snow Diesel (Big Buddy) this makes me eat like a horse. A lot of days my stomach will not let me eat. If I try, it just comes back up. But Snow Diesel, I can eat all day. This one is potent. Unless you want to get stoned (no judgement here) don't consume a lot. A little goes a long way. Smoke a full serving and it will reduce your eyelid height by half. The Sour Diesels I've had have been the same.

Lemon Larry x Lavender (Big Buddy again) - this is another nice daytime strain. Everything about this plant is beautiful. I feel relaxed, less tired, less overwhelmed. I also get very happy and chatty in the beginning. I often sing while on it. If I hadn't lost it to bugs, I would have kept this one. It's not heavy or "potent" feeling, but it's not exactly light either. It's very pretty, the smell is noticeable, and nice, but's just positively lovely for anxiety/depression/mood. I know Big Buddy was happy with this cross, and he should be. It's a very pleasant strain!

Sunshine Daydream (BB or Bodhi?) - This one is great for mindfulness. It's good during the day, so long as you don't overdo it. I write music, and if I have a healthy serving of this, it just flows out of me. I feel really creative, happy etc. You can use this, and somehow get lost in whatever you are doing. But you are not stupid or stoned. You can have a conversation with people. Another advantage is if you puff a lot of this, you will be on another planet. Same with Goji and Schrom. You can tailor the dose to your needs. With SSDD, I often find myself doing little projects that I just never get to otherwise. Not sure why, but that's the effect it has on me.

Hope this helps.
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4 Dragons
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Schrom, lucky you! I lost mine and I have been on the hunt ever since. I want to make a cross with it that should be very medicinal. Genetics are Federation Romulan crossed to Colombian Gold. I forget which is the mother.
For my back and neck pain it is Gorilla Biscuit all the way. Migraines it's Wild Cherry and to brighten my day it is either Cherry Cake or Ecto Cooler...
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