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maraudeur will become famous soon enough
I water cured once, you need some dryness so the water can do its osmosis thing. Else it will will take a constant flow of water to wash it out.

Complete dryness should speed up the water cure.

I did it on my first grow to guarantee a good and mold-free smoke, at the expense of aroma
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Water cured is the future. Americans hate Cannabis flavor.
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A. There are at least two ways to do watercuring:
1. From dried bud.
2. From green or partial dried bud.

B. There are a couple of reasons to do watercuring:
1. Eliminate excess of nutes (who knows what stuff) from bad bud.
2. Eliminate odour, for stealth
3. Very smooth smoke
4. Spiritual reasons

Some comments for point A.

1. Dried bud
-It will loose almost all taste and aroma, depending of the watercuring length. And it will look bad/black/not appealing. A matter of taste in fact...

-This will be highly beneficial for stealth reasons.
-Also, this is the best way when using watercuring for eliminating chemicals or for clean smoke. It is almost like vaping. Almost. And if vaping, now, this is even better, especially for delicate/clean/healthy lungs.
-This will improve potency, because of losing of water solubles - clorophill, etc.

2. Wet/fresh/half dried bud.
- Depending of the length of water curing, it will retain some of the taste and aroma. It will be more delicate though. The colour may stay, too. So not the best for stealth.

- Not the best for contaminated (too much nutrients, etc) bud. Very nice for organic/clean grows
- It does a good curing, for vaping or for smoking. Also, this depends of the length of the curing.

Some comments for point B.

Most of the points were already touched. Still, there is one interesting point wich deserves attention, and also, wich is not wellknown: point 4 - aka spiritual reasons.

B.4. Spiritual reasons
Some of you are considering the spiritual uses of pot. You may be a rastafarian. Or a yogi near (not bear) Gange river

Other, may be concerned with the side effects, like anxiety, paranoia, and stuff like this.

It is very well known that, for centuries, pot/ganja/vijaya/marijuana/cannabis/whatever was/is used like a sort of spiritual aid by yogis in India, especially by the Aghoris.

But it is almost unknown that usually, the herb is used for rituals only (at least by some users), and it is used only after very long watercuring sessions.
Of course, there are other aspects involved regarding cultivating, caring, and so on, but one of the most important is watercuring.

A normal session of watercuring, will take at least two weeks. It will use fresh bud, wich will be dried only after watercuring.

The reason for this is that the energies/informations involved in cannabis growing stage, are somewhat aggresive for human being, cannabis having some sort of alchemycal role in the nature. Such energies would have (in fact they are) transmitted to the consummer, regardless the way of using - smoking, eating.

The effects are complex, and wellknown in Ayurveda, wich is the oldest (these days) and most advanced holistic medical system on the planet. Because of those effects, cannabis is used only after complex purification methods, wich involve more than watercuring, and removes most of the psychoactive effects (but still not all of them).

Also, in Orient, cannabis was used with other herbs/spices (sage, rosemary, cardamom, and many others), being observed that some of the side effects are alleviated. Now, we are talking about centuries if not millenia of observations!

Keeping those in mind, we can infere that watercuring and eventually making extracts wich will include other herbs/spices (Sage, Rosmary, Angelica, Cardamom, Peppermint, Clove, Cinnamom, Boswellia, Gotu-kola, and the list may go on), will make the herb not only much more interesting, but it will alleviate some side effects, as already specified.

From my experience, the experience itself will be much enjoyable, much cleaner, much lighter, no paranoia, no anxiety, no... darkness.
However, it will not annihilate all the side effects: depending of the strain, one may experience, for example, mind rush, or other stuff. Much cleaner though.

Final thoughts:

If watercuring would be used on a large scale, the world of cannabis use would be very much changed very fast, for good only. The price may be some taste/aroma loss, and if watercured from greenbud, even this, not so much.

Even in this situation, I would say: then one should add some mint, lavender, hyssop, jasmine, rosemary, rose petals (even natural/organic essential oils, in very small quantities), when vaping/smoking. This would be a new dimension of using cannabis.

I would say that it will be a small loss, for a big gain, but this is me. And some sages from Himalayas.

The technique:

1. The best water is reverse osmosis water. One can use spring water, or bottled water, but reverse osmosis/distilled water is the best.

One note here: for energetic/uplifting highs, the water may be kept prior using, exposed to sun rays for up to 24 hours (a couple of hours works well too), in a transparent, glass container (covered with some glass lid). The color may be of your choice, but if painted, the paint should be only on outside. You may notice that depending of the color of the container (blue glass, green glass, yellow glass, red glass), one may feel some ... emotional/mental/energetic differences. However, it is simpler to use flint (clear) glass.

2. The water should be changed at least once every day. If only bud is used, this should be enough, especially when using reverse osmosis water. If spring water is used, it may be needed to change it twice every day. Maybe. When watercuring a lot of leaves, then you may be in trouble. chane it as many times as needed. You should not have any strange/bad odours there. If there will be some, then use the plant material for tincture only, as the bacteria will be killed in ethanol.

3. The minimum watercuring time, is 24 hours. The tipical watercuring time, is 7-14 days. I have heard of 21-28 days, but I tried only up to 14 days with bud.

4. You can use a glass/PET/PE container for soaking. One of those jars for juices, with a valve at the bottom, would be a dream, as they allow a gentle manipulation of the plant.

5. Remove the water with great care, and refill with the same care. There was not any degradation of the material, when the container was full, but not pressed, even if it was emptied by reversing it upside down, especially when using wet bud, or half dried bud.

6. Dry it on a clean absorbing surface, far from sunrays (as usually), with a constant airflow (as usual).

7. Use it with friends. Enjoy it. Talk about it.
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