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Need Help - Mystery Seeds

Hi everyone,

I need some help identifying some lines based on notes from a long time ago. I'm possibly being gifted these and am really excited, but some of this stuff I have no idea what it means. If I have the dates they come from I'm including that after the cross.

Thanks in advance.

NL#2 x HNL Oregon Series, 2/91. I undertand NL#2 but HNL is unknown. Maybe Haze x Northern Lights?

NL x HP, 2002. Northern Lights by Hash Plant I assume.

HNL again, unknown to me.

Afr. Bread 2002, No idea, never heard of African Bread.

VR x HNL. I think this is Velvet Rush by the Haze NL again.

Dynamite. Google has some information on this one.

VR 1/02, again I think this is Velvet Rush

Afr. x HNL Oregon Series 2/91

MD07, unknown Dutch

HNL lust clones Oregon series 2/91

HP x Afr. 2002


HP x KGB from OPH. This one is interesting as it's supposedly 1970s seed. I know KGB (killer green bud) was just a term for good stuff back then, so I'm thinking this is going to remain a mystery.

Considering the age, I'm hoping these are all regulars.
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