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Medical MJ Now in Puerto Rico

Bring your stateside doctor's recommendation with you on your next trip through the Caribbean. A stopover on the island of Puerto Rico may be on the list of things to do .

Besides offering seemingly endless beaches there are now two dispensaries open for business. With plans for many more on the way, there are many suppliers already in the pipeline.

AND, there is a reciprocity clause in the law which allows medical marijuana patients from other states to purchase products from Puerto Rican dispensaries.

Already known for medical tourism, now Puerto Rico will become known for medical cannabis tourism.

There is a catch.

Puerto Rico has strong anti-smoking legislation and there is no plan to allow smoking of cannabis. “We have to educate the public,” said Mayra Maldonado, legal adviser to the health department. “We’re working on an advertising campaign that’s going to be out in September.”

There is a HUGE opportunity for all other forms of cannabis use, as well as product manufacturing and development for possible export to other legal areas.
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William Levy

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