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Old 11-09-2008, 01:53 PM #41

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gixergal will become famous soon enough
Dank me ole mate

You never told me you could cook!!! Dya fancy living in my Hoover cupboard then??? LOLOLOL

Catch ya soon
"The perfect man????" hmmmmmm A sex slave who grows great weed, sounds bout perfect to me!!!!
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Old 01-23-2009, 03:21 PM #42

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Hey! I hope this thread isn't too old to post in. It just looks like too much fun.

I'm living in one of those states where they lock you up for a long time for doing things like smoking / growing.

I'm brand new to growing but not smoking. (I've been smoking medicinally for a while now. )

Things I like to do while "high"? Everything. Especially not feel pain. Eating is also fun.

Anyway, I hope plenty of other women use this forum too! Adios!

Old 01-23-2009, 05:21 PM #43
Fully compliant registered Michigan Medical Marihuana Program Patient/Caregiver

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Location: Frost Bitten, Michigan
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jalajaslet will become famous soon enoughjalajaslet will become famous soon enough
Hello Ladies....

I am new to this site and also new to growing. i am currently in Michigan, USA somewhere around Detroit. I have been a medical user for 9 years now after I broke 4 vertebrae in my lower back in an accident. Somehow the doctors thought that 4-6 Vicodin ES a day was better for me than weed, so I took up my own campaign. When I tried taking that shit they prescribed me it cause rampant and very serious mood swings as well as a very noticeable spike in my blood pressure, triggering Migraines, so I say Pass that Damn Pipe. and stick these pills somewhere else, they may work for others but there not or me.

I smoke everyday, unless a dry snap has caused a lack of product or a spike in prices that my income can't support. Specifically why I decided to grow once legalized in the state of Michigan for medicinal purposes.

Everyone who knows me knows I smoke. i am a bit of a hermit and a loner, so I don't smoke with a lot of people besides my sweetie, but when I do go out and about 99% of my friend partake of the fine cheba with me.

I have 3 children and two of them are under 18 and still at home. I have NEVER lied to my children about my MJ use. I have used periodically since high school prior to my injury. My father used and NEVER NEVER hid it from me. We have Cherokee Indian Ancestry. Weed grew wild in my grand mothers back yard and my family passed the peace pipe so this was never an issue. However i was raised down south, and definitely believe in spanking of the out of control or out of his or her mind child. This coupled with my belief in using weed has caused me problems. Just year before last, the year prior to them passing the medical use laws here in Michigan my daughter (who is Bipolar, ADHD and ODD) who was 12 at the time cut up 300 dollars worth of clothes cause she wanted shorts and short sleeved shirts....I whipped her ass good as this was an on going problem, and as a single mother on SSDI who receives no help or child support from her father of any kind, I can't afford to buy new clothes cause she cut them up. Anyway,she got some bruising on her bottom and went to school and told a teacher that I abuse her regularly...Which is a lie, this child hadn't had a spanking in over 3 years prior to that, but anyway. She told them that I beat her regularly and that I smoke weed everyday. I had never tried to hide anything from her, as it wasn't hidden from me and I think that made me more understanding, knowledgeable and accepting. Well the state took my children required me to take parenting and anger management classes as well as weekly random drug screen to prove I had quit using MJ. I never lied always told the court I smoked for medicinal purposes, since once my daughter snitched they tested and i failed, there was no sense in lying about it. The judge actually looked me right in the eyes in May of 2008. 6 months prior to this herb being legalized and asked me who died and made me a doctor, with the knowledge and education to decide that illegal Medical use of MJ was appropriate? I told her My doctors all knew and supported my decision to self medicate with herb, and that I was much healthier smokng weed that I could ever be taking 4-6 Vivodine ES a day and risking stroke because of high blood pressure, and that dealing with my daughters issues, if I wasn't a smoker I would have ended up in the court for REAL ABUSE many years earlier. Instead of ending up in court because someone doesn't understand that certain children need that firm hand of knowledge across the seat of learning so that there will be less of a learning curve in the class of family values and expectations. In total it took me 14 months to get my kids out of foster care, but I haven't changed anything I still smoke, my kids still know it, I refuse to hide it and now that Michigan has passed the medical use laws I have begun to grow. Right now I have two plants 5 days into flowering, just waiting to see sex so I can re pot to bigger pot, these are in a room in the basement with a 400w Metal Halide. I have toasted a couple of the leaves trying to get the lighting right. Everything I have heard about the 400w MH says 10 to 12 inches from tip to bulb, but that seems too much heat. and I have a closet with my next grow going in the master bedroom. in here I have 11 that are all 3 weeks old today. These are growing in 1 gallon pots. the 6 largest are growing under (6) 23w cfl bulbs and 5 are growing under (2) 4 foot long phillips plant and aquarium bulbs. I constantly rotate them to keep the larger ones under the cfl and the smaller or more fragile ones under the fluorescents. I will keep these in the closet until they go to flower in the next 2 weeks or when they hit 10inches height, then will switch them to the flowering room in the basement.

Well this is lengthy and I could probably go on forever, so I will go now, it was good finding this forum. I have started a grow diary and welcome all to look it over and give me some feed back, lots of feedback....I have posted some pictures to my album, but can't figure out how to reduce the picture enough to get it into a thread, so I will have to work on that....

Peace All
Pass that Pipe!!
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Old 01-24-2009, 07:56 AM #44
New Member

Join Date: Jan 2009
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Bayousblue is on a distinguished road
- Where are you from? At the moment Cali, San Diego

- Why do you like cannabis? It has done wonders for my pain!! My body becomes pain free and I'm able to be with my daughter.

- How often do you smoke cannabis? At lest 3 times a day.

- Do your friends know that you smoke, do they smoke with you? No one comes with me and I really don't have any one who would do it. Kind of a loner in this.Not many know I am.

- What do you like to do when you are "high"? Funny enough as it sounds I take care of my daughter,clean, do random things I normally couldn't do.
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Old 01-24-2009, 09:43 AM #45

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Rose56 will become famous soon enoughRose56 will become famous soon enough
Hi All, I am a fellow lady pot lover too. I'm in south cali and grow my own I just couldn't afford the clubs anymore and always felt uncomfortable going there. I prefer to make mine into canncaps rather then smoke but I am thinking of trying a vape. Right now I am having a love affair with the auto flowering strains.
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Old 02-15-2009, 09:32 PM #46

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Bluevelvet_ has a spectacular aura aboutBluevelvet_ has a spectacular aura aboutBluevelvet_ has a spectacular aura about
I suppose I should leave a few words here too...lady grower for 10 years now, smoking for almost 3 decades.

Where I'm from is nobody's business but mine, but I can safely say I am nowhere going nowhere.

Why do I smoke? To relax.

How often - depends, during the week I have to concentrate for my job so daytime smoking is not an option - an evening joint to wind down. During the weekend I smoke when I don't have to worry about responsibilities, BUT I have lots of crushing responsibilities so...uh....I guess most of the time I smoke once a day LOL.

I don't keep friends I have to hide from, I've grown out of that. Actually, I don't have friends at all because I don't live in my own country, and have major cultural difficulties with the population of this country.I live on the fringes of society...but if I had to hide my smoking from friends, they wouldn't be my friends.

When I'm high I try to disconnect from life.

Hello to the lady growers!
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Old 02-16-2009, 12:02 AM #47
Fully compliant registered Michigan Medical Marihuana Program Patient/Caregiver

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Location: Frost Bitten, Michigan
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jalajaslet will become famous soon enoughjalajaslet will become famous soon enough
Welcome Bluevelvet..
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Old 02-18-2009, 12:37 AM #48
POT Princess
New Member

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Hello Milano

New to the group, glad to see there are other females like me. I am from PA. I have been smoking for many years. I grew up in a family that smokes, so it was just sometime to do to pass the time. As I grow older I am still passing the time.

Most of my friends know that I smoke but very few smoke with me. I am somewhat of a loner when it comes to smoking except for family. I have been smoking with my son for awhile now. That has been great. Some of the best conversations come up after smoking.

I enjoy living while high. I get lost in a book, go for a motorcycle ride, hang out, or just sit back and watch the grass grow. I would like to begin growing at some point. I have seen and smoked some good stuff, just can't seem to be able to get started.

Thanks for the questions, you made it easy for me to break into posting.
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Old 02-18-2009, 03:13 AM #49
Fully compliant registered Michigan Medical Marihuana Program Patient/Caregiver

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Join Date: Dec 2008
Location: Frost Bitten, Michigan
Posts: 219
jalajaslet will become famous soon enoughjalajaslet will become famous soon enough
I see this is your first post POT princess....Welcome, pull up a chair and enjoy yourself. You will find LOT's of good....NO GR* advice here. I finally started growing after hanging out here for awhile. Hopefully you will make an attempt yourself. I find it very soothing and a lot of times I find myself just sittingin the garden and watching the weeeds grow. Surprisingly ssoothing for me....
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Old 02-18-2009, 04:34 AM #50

Join Date: Feb 2009
Location: I live in the Devided States of Hypocracy, and it's getting worse...
Posts: 32
smile-master is on a distinguished road
Smiles for all!

I'm very new, too. It's so nice to not have the guys telling me I'm just about the only girl they know that smokes! I was given the address to this website a few days ago and just had to see what I could learn from it. Right now I have little sprouts, I decided to grow because I can't afford the steep prices with school and trying to make a life for myself. I'm not yet familiar with the site setup so if you have any navigation pointers I'll gladly heed them. I don't have any children, but am in a wonderful relationship.

- Where are you from? Pennsylvania
- Why do you like cannabis? I like that it helps with my depression and anxiety issues.
- How often do you smoke cannabis? Lately- hardly, but most weekends
- Do your friends know that you smoke, do they smoke with you? Just about all my friends know I smoke, and about half smoke with me.
- What do you like to do when you are "high"? I like to read, be goofy, listen to tunes, chill with friends, just live I guess.

You all seem so nice, it's good to feel surrounded by wisdom.
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