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By Joshua Lee
A meta-study, which analyzed data across multiple studies, suggests that CBD can treat cocaine misuse.

Researchers looked at data from 14 studies published over the last 5 years involving animal subjects who were administered both cocaine and CBD. According to the study, which was published recently in Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, CBD “interferes in cocaine induced brain reward stimulation and dopamine release.”

The test subjects reportedly self-administered less cocaine and used less cocaine overall after they began ingesting CBD. The study’s authors wrote, “CBD promotes alteration in contextual memory associated with cocaine and in the neuroadaptations, hepatotoxicity and seizures induced by cocaine.” One of the papers consulted for the meta-study also found that the chemical reward associated with cocaine is actually “blunted” by CBD.

The meta-study’s authors concluded that human trials will be needed to test CBD’s efficacy as a treatment for humans suffering from cocaine use disorder, but its effects on animals seem overwhelmingly positive.

According to the researchers, there is a single clinical trial currently testing CBD on human subjects in context of their cocaine use.

Study: CBD Could Fight COVID
Researchers at Augusta University in Georgia say CBD could have a positive effect on acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)—a severe autoimmune response in the lungs that afflicts some COVID-19 patients. In a recent study the team found promising evidence that CBD can reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine production and battle the respiratory infection.

The syndrome is also known as a “cytokine storm.” It’s an extreme immune response in the body that releases too many cytokines into the blood and causes the victim’s body to attack itself. Some health experts believe that cytokine storms could be a leading factor in novel coronavirus deaths.

Treating cytokine storms can be difficult, and there’s an urgent need for innovative approaches.

The Augusta University team analyzed objective data points of lung function in mice—like levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, oxygen levels in the blood and temperature. With CBD therapy the temperatures and cytokine levels of the mice noticeably decreased while oxygen levels increased.

The researchers say that symptoms of ARDS [adult respiratory distress syndrome] were reversed with CBD treatment. Studies of the animals’ lungs showed damage to their structure had totally or partially resolved.

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