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Originally Posted by art.spliff View Post
You can ask Osamu Tetsu about the salivary part. There are some antibodies or specific personalized treatments monoclonal antibody or small molecule, for skin in Los Angeles I heard of one some years ago. If not before or after platinum gamma ray etc.

Cannabis try a gram of RSO or full spectrum oil per day if doable. Sometimes moderation is key sometimes as supply allows.
Thanks art and rolandomota, Gry and others!

I made RSO- my friend could not tolerate it, not even a rice kernel sized amount. Made her sick and paranoid.

She's ok with the thc/CBD capsule blend made with our autos and a CBD Hemp hybrid reaching 20% CBD. Imagine it's 18-20% thc and 20% CBD. Basically a 1:1 ratio.

Surgery went well, a drain exteriorly from lower right check where the ACC mass was located, gauzed up. She's going to continue with the capsules which I think will help her being an "entourage effect" and the 2 mushroom capsules- the Turkey Tail and 10 blend.

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afterthought autos
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