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I've always found that dry crystal makes the best hash with the nicest flavor, color and texture. Dry your green before making bubble.... and try buds instead of trim, broken up to fingernail size, dried to crispy, frozen, then mixed in ice cold water with shaved ice and/or crushed ice (superior to cubed ice).

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Good morning to all.

I hope to find you all virus free and baked. I am!

Before my buddies trimmings arrived I thought a test run would be in order. I broke out an old vacuum packed mason jar of mid quality buds that I jarred up on 4/20/19. I have much better bud to vape so.....

I chopped it up to about fingernail sized chunks and tossed it into the freezer. The next day I went for it.
Sorry no pics this time.

Bucket, pump, ice, herb, water, and plugged her in.

No spinning vortex of herb ice and water....

After multiple attempts redirecting the output flow I gave up and pulled the pump out and started hand (big spoon) mixing it.

Turns out that the internally mounted pump was a bad idea. The pump would block ice and herb from flowing and like a log jam on a river, everything piled up and stopped. I have a different pump that can be mounted externally that I'm going to play with but for now I'll use a paint mixer on my drill while I experiment with lawn mower trimmings instead of herb.
If I can get my auto washer working I will get pics.

Other than the low yield verything else went OK and I got plenty baked off the results. I'm glad that I tested first. I know the mixer will do much better and I have some finest kind quality trimmings coming from a friend and Judy soon.

My thinking was that (like hose water into a bucket of water) the jetting water would cause all the water to spin and agitate my herb and ice.
Apparently not with that pump blocking the flow.
Some things look loads better on paper,,,,

It's all a learning experience. I usually learn more from failing than succeeding.
By that benchmark, being over 60, with all of life's failures, I should be a friggin genius by now.

I'll be back when the trimmings arrive and this time I'll get pics.

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