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Which Advanced Nutrients I should get?

So I am gathering up my gear for growing some weed next fall and I am going to go with AN. Money is not issue if someone is trying to make me change to other company for this reason.

So I am going have Platinium Hydropro 60 with 4x11l pots filled up with hydrosoil and 600w digital ballast and it is switchable to 250w/400w/600w modes without changing the ballast and Lighthouse tent. I'm not going to run CO2 for various reasons. For plants I've been thinking of Pineapple Chunk, Trippy Gorilla or California Orange Bud. Trippy Gorilla is my choice number one at the moment and of course feminized.

So I have already decided to go with Connoisseur Grow and Bloom. I need to decide what are my additives for my upcoming plants. So please throw some additives that you guys think I would be benefitting from! I could buy all of the 13 additives, but someone told me not to go with all of them at first in case some problems appears because it would be difficult to correct because I would have many variables. To add here, I am semi-experienced grower and I have been trying Canna, BioBizz and Advanced​ Hydroponics.
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