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Old 01-30-2006, 10:17 PM #11

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Train Wreck


Of all the strains called "medical" there is, in my mind, no better nor stronger strain than Train Wreck.

Train Wreck is an old hybrid (1970's) from Humbodlt of lowland Thai, Mexican Sativa, and a very solid and potent Afghani.

Train Wreck (TW) is particularly good for the treatment of migraine, pain, and nausea.

While TW is thought to be a Sativa dominant (and looks like it) it's actually got quite a bit of Afghan in it making this an extremely potent hybrid. I'm guessing our TW is probably a 65/35 Sativa/Indica.

There are a few true TW seeds around but don't expect to find them. If you did you'd be real surprised that this 42 flower strain from clone is 9 months when grown from seed. This is because in Train Wreck the gene that controls flowering is time from germination.

You can see that Wreck is almost vine like with fine Sativa like leaves. Resin production begins almost immediately in flower and can cover the entire plant in frost.

One of the striking things about Wreck is the color. It's not really green at all. Here's some of my popcorn nuggies taken from a small plant at day 42.

Train Wreck is an excellent strain for SCROG. Here's some Humboldt Wreck harvested at 42 days following an indoor Odro grow.

Some caution about Train Wreck....This strain is a creeper, especially when fresh. You take one toke and it takes a good 5 minutes before you find yourself toasted. Some make the mistake of toking while they're waiting for that first toke and find themselves truly stoned. Heck, my wife smoked Wreck by mistake and got lost in the pool :-)

Cured for 3-4 weeks, TW loses some of the "creeper" quality and becomes rock hard nuggies that are stronger than most hash.

Finally, the taste is of a mentholated dead whale dipped in lemon gasoline.

Dr. Jay

Pics are in the Med thread


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Old 01-30-2006, 11:20 PM #12

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Here is some more stuff I had

Comments on Trainwreck from Meduser : A brain thumping, Sativa, soaring high. Comes on strong as a freight train, finishes in the typical ultra-heady Sativa manner! Very medicinal. People become hooked on it like a hard drug. Old school California taste. Dense rock hard nuggets. Next to no leaf .Light green with small calyxes. Thin stem, small buds. Legend has it it was started in the early 80’s by a couple of brothers in San Diego. Mexican X Columbian, with a hint of Afghani. After 10 or 12 years, somehow a clone was let out, and the madness has started. It has thrived and been mastered in Humboldt County for 12-14 years. This is unbelievable pot. (90% Sativa / 10% Indica)

Comments on Trainwreck from Mojojojo : TW is basically a Thai low land sativa that got into the mix up here back in the early 80’s. Out doors it’s a huge “weeper creeper” that takes up TONS of space and takes 9 months to come in. It’s original parents were brought back from Thailand by some vagabond-os wanting to reproduce Thai-stick phenotype. For how the plant looks when grown FROM SEED – or just left to grow – see Clark’s MB pg. 177 “Creeper phenotype” The main problem with the ‘elusive’ TW seeds – is they really aren’t that elusive – its just that the strain (originally – real deal) uses the pair of genes that are “length of time from germination” sensitive. These run the veg time out for almost a full 9 months. Once these genes are ‘satisfied’ then TW blooms really fast (42 days done). In fact if left longer – it tends to just “blow out” and never makes tight again.

Comments on Trainwreck from Beserker :
a.) it was NOT row e-32 it was thirty second rotation - sub type "E" = e-32
b.) that cross was "Mostly" LowLand Thai x Mexican Sativa (dirty mex brick weed) ... that some how (stuipd new-be) got into the mix ... and X with standered Indca dom strain of the late 70's early 80's era that was (and is) the staple of out door in much of the P.NW then and now.
c.) the plant NEVER really seemed to come in - did NOT purple even when it was left in (for what seemed for ever) - it DID get a light BLUSH of mauve!
d.) when we did finally cut it (in the sleating rains of a late year = not even worth going back for was the argument - short hike but like why bother for that huge creeper like THING that didn't have any bud on it last time we looked) -- well we ended up going down the hill - and found SOME AIR BUD on it - long fethery branchs. + had seeded a bottom branch PER: SOP of anything "weird' - or GREAT!
e.) then once we got it up and dried the damn thing - and 'tested it' = WOW .. end of story ..
f.) e-32 (what is now called TW) became ledgen - in 82 there was NOTHING comprable.
g.) so that's that -- the seeds were pretty much stable from that X - and over the years we weeded out <pun> the Broad leaf tendencies ...
--- yeild IS low = its comes in consistantly
w/o Co2 at about 80% of a LB per 1000y
w/ Co2 at about 110-120% of a LB per 1000y
out doors well how big are the plants (chuckle) BUT it tends to hold CLOSE to the 21.3 grams per Sq Ft vs. the 31.95 to 46.2 grams per Sq Ft in full sun of any of the broad leaf phynotypes. and color = yup its GREY NOT GREEN! because of the crystals - which are ALL OVER THE PLANT from bottom of the stem to the tippy tops! You know its wreck if: Every time you look at it you wonder if its got MITES - and when you look closer you see its JUST the grey of the KRYSTAL looking like mite webs! your arm hairs are sticky and you don't remember touching anything in the room ... it SMELLS of MINT - or menthol ...the TINY buds at the base of the stem are CRYSTALLY TOO -- just like the tops - and when they are dry they are total KRYSTAL = snow white ... and you find your self going "wow this is better looking then the tops! If your checking the SIZE of your ONE hit - not how MANY hits you can take before total couch lock ...Then - that's the wreck!


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Old 02-01-2006, 02:58 AM #13

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Originally Posted by Nspecta GT
Dogstools got tha right idea...

As fer "E"...I haven't met a single person in tha "Real World" who doesn't think "E" is completely Full o' Shit...

...tha latest 'Story' I've heard about E-32 was tha #32 S1/Hermie seedling that "E" selected as tha best of tha bunch in '98...

...I've grown, what I believe ta be tha Arcata Wreck/E-32...and it's crap compared ta tha previous generation cut...I say previous generation cut because I don't believe it to be tha Original cut either...but it does pre-date E-32...FWIW.

Also...tha 9 months to maturity thang...another rumor "E" spread is tha flowering times of tha 'better' TW cutz (60-70 dayz).

It's sad tha amount of MISINFORMATION one person can spread over tha internet...and peeps believe it as fact.

Seek tha TRUTH people...and...don't fall fer tha BS.

Take 'er eazy y'all, IGT


The copper canyon heard it goes 70-100 days or so.

The wreck is thai x mexi x afghani...probably could come up with something similar crossing some out there right now genetics...

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Does it really matter? It smokes great, smells great and looks great and feels great...nuff said. I mean the time you cut a plant is totally up to the person growing it. It's their preference as to when they take it. TW is a totally pheno dependant creation. Recreating it would be next to impossible, especially with "right now" genetics. Not every breeder uses the same female or males in subsequent crosses, for example rez's new SQ so to find the exact afghani would be impossible. Look at cheese. It is a special skunk #1 if I remember correctly. That one will never be recreated without using the actual cheese clone for backcrosses. Thats kinda like trainwreck. Just something special that came about. It's just a special pheno, otherwise it wouldnt be clone only. Thats what elites are, clone only special phenos that some lucky bastard grows out. I mean Ive been growing it for almost 5 years and trying to find a special pheno from my TW crosses for a little over 3 years. That isnt that long, but Ive grown quite a few in that time and while I have found a few real nice females its like a mix and match game with the TW traits. The smell though seems to be the easiest to carry through, just at a slightly diluted level.

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Old 02-01-2006, 05:57 AM #15
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"You had me at Hello"

Now if you all want to send me cut of your Trainwreck, I will judge them and decide accordingly.
Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.
-- Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh
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Old 02-01-2006, 06:10 AM #16

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This is an edited ammendment to my last post...damn thing wont let me edit it.
EDIT: Ill try to get this edit through, the last 3 tries were lost.
Anyway , Im not trying to say that learning about the history of TW or any other strain is a bad thing. I am just tired of all the bullshit stories and people at each others neck trying to discredit each other. Misinformation is why weed is illegal but people continue to spread it...Misinformation, not weed.
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Old 02-01-2006, 09:23 AM #17
North-Coast Non
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I shall skip my normal treatise on Trainwreck and just flash a few pictures.....

This IS "Trainwreck"... Not the "Arcata cut" or "NorCal Pine TW" or "af-wreck" or "planewreck" or "TW #1" or "OG Trainwreck" all that is stupid shit kids giving names and making up "strains" and carrying on thinking there "cooler" then the rest....

TW is a bit, "played out" in my neck of the woods, and I choose to grow other flavors. I have grown teedub a few times before, but never as a crop. Here are some [I think] nice shots of a TW from last years Humboldt Backyard Outdoor Hobby!
{some of you may have seen these last summer...}

All these pictures were ONE plant, a bushed out over vegged left-over a 10 gallon pot that I trained down a bit to spread out the canopy, It worked! This is the weirdest shortest stupidest TW I have seen, people that came over and say it didnt beleive it was TW untill they smelled it! It gave me about 14oz of "indoor" grade SOILD nuggets! K+
Fuck you Mr. Lahey...

The Bloom Bloom Room...

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Old 02-01-2006, 09:31 AM #18

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Actually it would be really easy to recreate...

the afghani is all over southern oregon STILL...the sweet mexican sativa...copper canyon...the thai, something like vision thai...

anyway...trainwreck is still fun i guess, one of the most consistant...

Old 02-01-2006, 09:47 AM #19
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moth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nicemoth is just really nice
Great Info
I look foward to Growing it out.
Live Long and Prosper and Make someone smile.
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Old 02-01-2006, 10:39 AM #20

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Happy Hipster,
Lowland Thai, Mexican, and afghani were used to create Dj's Blueberry just like Trainwreck. Blueberry's quite a different strain than Trainwreck, and I think that shows how differently things can turn out, even if you're playing with the same landraces.

Just an observation..
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