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What voltage does a ballast put out? Thread Tools
Old 03-06-2008, 01:35 PM #1

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What voltage does a ballast put out?

What voltage should a 1000w ballast put out?

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1000 watts no?

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Either 120v/240v

Your ballast is either designed to run on 120v or 240v.
Depending which you have i believe that would be your answer. If i understand your question.
1000w/120v=8.3amp drawn from your circuit
1000w/240=4.2amps drawn from your circuit
Try not to exceed 80% of your circuits capacity for safety.
Just curious, are you trying to test your ballast to determine whether its functioning properly?
Hope this helped.
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600 volts or some shit like that..

If "OUT" is the key word. Sure, 120 or 240 volts are put in, but what's put out by the ballast is a completely different thing.

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where are all the electricians and sparkies at?

voltage, amps, and watts are different things PK and Farmer Ted, thanks though

Yes I am trying to troubleshoot and see if the ballasts are putting out the correct VOLTAGE. From what I have been told, my ballasts (at least the 5 that I tested) are putting out the wrong voltage. The vendor I bought them from is clueless and its their store brand.

The ballasts are running on 240 (239 measured with meter) but I think the ballast should have the same output regardless of the incoming voltage.

On my transformer, it says OCV 435-490 but i get 300 at the hood and ballast checked with a digital meter set to AC

For those that dont know, I have had numerous bulb failures. probably 12-15 in the last 4-5 months. All bulbs are from the same manufacturer so the next 5 are from a different manufacturer and the vendor wants to wait and see if these blow. I however would like to verify that the ballasts are running properly


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'ballast' is just a simple word for 'step-up transformer.'

a 1000w sodium lamp wants 4,000v to ignite the lamp, and 400v to keep it on.

watts are a measure of power consumption in this context, not power output.

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But if the ballast is running for several hours, the lamp is obviously running, there obviously should be a voltage that is read across the two hots going to the lamp, I am trying to find out what that voltage should be

Someone said 600
Someone said 400
My Brother in law says it should reflect the OCV Open Circuit Voltage rating marked on the transformer itself which is 430-490 I believe.

Either way my reading of 300 does not match any of those.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't OCV the same as no load voltage?
If the lamp is the load, I'm guessing (bad idea with electrics) the voltage would be lower, perhaps 300v.
If you're blowing bulbs, check how smooth your ballast input voltage is, it may be that.

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There could be too much resistance in your wire if the length of wire is too long between the bulb and the ballast. Eurosystem dual 600w ballasts had the same problem with their 20 ft. ballast to hood wires, they recognized this and put the ignitor in the hood, problem solved.

I don't know if this is your same problem, but it would be another place to look if you're seeing a significant voltage drop...

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very good point trich-zilla.
they dont recommend going over 15ft w/ the cord from the ballast to the socket.
What strain blows Frank's mind???
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