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Does sulfur burner work? Is it my cut vendor or my growroom please help. Thread Tools Search this Thread
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Originally Posted by Rednick View Post
Time Traveller "spores need a host of some sort, dead leaves will do, they can go dormant & live for months. but if they have nothing to do this with they die !!"
You should leave the Mycological discussion to Vaped. You obviously have no idea how spores operate. Please don't get offended, I just feel that the rest of the readers on this thread should know that you DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT with respect to Mycology. However, most plant problems are brought in by live plants.

Yes, spores can live for years (not months), with no help. They can survive freezing temeratures, hot temps, low humidity, high humidity. There is a reason molds are so prevalent in our atmosphere.

Don't believe me???

Put a piece of bread on your counter and watch what grows over the next few weeks. Make a batch of beer and instead of adding yeast, just put it in a temperate place do you think they make Jailhouse Hooch. You can't get a delivery from Whitelabs.

So, begerbuddy. Sulfur works. Fungicidal sprays work too. Prevention is key if it is a problem you encounter frequently. Use the Sulfur burner, low, for prevention. Remember an ounce of Mary Jane is worth a pound of Aspen...Ooops, I mean an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

To get rid of spores you would have to bleach, and wash your entire grow area. Filter your air with HEPA 99.97% filters minumum. And de-louse yourself, necked, every time you enter you room. Not gonna happen.

It so happens those are measure that are used frequently in the gourmet mushroom business. But what you don't know is that they are temporary measures, lasting just long enough so that the mold culture you are propogating (eg Oyster mushrooms) have enough of a head start to COLONIZE the medium before others can, or at least enough so that they can suppress the uprising of another culture. Kinda like the Jews in Germany throughout history.

As for if they are caused by your grow or the vendor...You need to set up an experiment. Easiest way would be to gift a friend some of the vendor cuts (please tell them they are part of the experiment), or you can talk to the vendor, see if they have a problem. They may lie to you, but they may tell you the truth or they may be oblivious and you just helped them.

It sounds like prevention is the key.

DON'T GET RID OF THE BUBBA! Just don't do it! It is the best kush ever. Potent mix of THC, CBD and CBN great for that evening medication.

Last, make sure it really is PM. The Bubba can get salt locked very easily and look like PM, when all it really needed was one (or two) hell of a flushing.

If you wish to learn more about Mycology then I suggest

P.S. Taste with sulfur. Less is more, the less sulfur you use on the burn the less likely you are to wreck the smoke. It is the same concept with spider mite spray. Dose once at doulbe strength or dose four times over a period of time with half-strength? I always go for the latter.

Sorry I feel the need to re re correct your correction on someone elses correction of another.

When it comes to the fungi family you have to remember there are thousands and thousands of varieties. And they all have a different life cycle, method of reproduction, feeding, germinating and sporulation. Even within PM there are hundreds of varieties that have various life cycles. For example one kind takes 40 days to create spores. The cannabis variety is 3-7 days! So when you say spores live for many years, I feel your mycology degree is worthless, as you out of all people should know that you can't apply a blanket statement like that to an entire kingdom of fungi! Some spores live for years sure, and some spores for months, and some spores for days.

Secondly there are 2 types of spores for PM

One is the conidia which I just mentioned. Thats the chain of spores that create the white that you see on the leaf. No one actually knows how long these spores can live but I have seen people say 21 days. There is definitely a temperature that will kill them- it is said to be 100F. I have also read that all Spores die at 140F, which makes sense as composts that reach 165F kill all pathogens so there is a a range that kills anything that is living. Secondly if you have the spores in your soil, they cannot become soil borne, and I would imagine like all living things they are broken down by the microbes and other fungi of the soil.

The other spore is more hardy long term overwintering spore. This one gets created when the fungi senses stress and low temps meaning winter is coming, it knows the host may die and it creates spores that actually look black. For indoor growing environments I don't think we are dealing with this type at all ever.

As I have been dealing with my pm for awhile, I am simply sharing what I have learned after researching this for almost a year now. It is from many different academic sources.
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