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Old 11-10-2011, 03:25 PM #51

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I understand what u mean. There came a point where I just stopped measuring 'ppm' and just watched the plants not the numbers. You have to just check sometimes though imo. But all the coco I'm workin with is for moms now, and switching to dwc for the regular rotation.

I'm sorry if I wasnt clear with my question FB, I was asking if you've ever used hard water micro with lucas since you seem to have tap with high EC as well. Or maybe I didn't understand your answer lol. Either way I'm down to expirement.
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Originally Posted by OSBC
why r users posting 5 micro and 10 bloom as lucas veg?
Because the GrowFAQ from OG (repeated on many sites and by many people) is wrong and says 0-5-10 is for vegging.

Lucas recommends 0-5-10 for flowering under low-light conditions. We're talking T8 and T12 Fluoros here, possibly lower wattage T5's? If you're running 50wpsqf with CFL's you're going to want closer to 0-8-16.

Originally Posted by FreezerBoy
My new tap is "virtual" RO (too low to measure. My truncheon won't even turn on) and growing is an endless nightmare. I went from twice monthly maintenance to twice daily.
Would you elaborate on the maintenance you're having to do? Been using Lucas with R/O for a decade without issues.... several different types of setups.....

Whatcha doing and what's the issue?

Jumanji2: I've used hardwater micro with lucas. Once bought it by accident and had to use it for a couple weeks.

Used it with R/O water and the timing couldn't have been better. Had been growing in DWC and the plants had gotten a bit too big for the screen height I'd designed.

The hardwater micro (in R/O water) without the calcium allowed the plants to get really soft and rubbery.... bent them under the screen and tucked em all nice without breaking anything. Got the regular micro about the time they started to suffer from no calcium.

If your tapwater has enough calcium in it... with little else, I would say try it. Personally I prefer R/O water as it provides reliability and repeatability like no other water source. I've lived in crappy water places my whole life and I've moved a LOT.

Stay Safe!
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Old 11-29-2011, 06:49 PM #53
Rookie green
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thanks for this post

ill go give it a try with GHE Flora Soft Water micro and tap water on 0.38 EC with a
4,8 mg/liter Mg and 46,5 mg/liter Ca.
haveing troubles with the lack of Mg in both soil and hydro grow, maybe this could help me move on
starting out on 1 mother plant in DWC arround 6 weeks old now with the 0-5-10 formel with (4x18 w T5) lights 2 vertikal and 2 horisontial
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