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Old 11-20-2006, 10:51 PM #1
ben ttech

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ben ttech will become famous soon enoughben ttech will become famous soon enough
SICKO cops attack hard working americans... again...

Houston Mounted Police Run Over Protesters

Last night, nearly one thousand striking janitors met at the corner of Travis and Capitol in Houston in preparation for a protest march to Houston Police Department Headquarters on Travis Street. The four-week-old strike resulted in fourteen arrests on Wednesday, when striking janitors and union organizers chained themselve to the Chevron building in Houston. The janitors are striking in the hope of getting health benefits and a raise in wage to $8.50 an hour. The average current wage is $5.30 an hour. They also report numerous civil rights abuses and failure of management to bargain in good faith. The five main companies involved are Hines, Transwestern, Crescent, Brookfield Properties, and Chevron.

Last night's march never took place, however, because mounted Houston police officers rushed into the crowd, injuring four people. Forty-four were arrested. One of the janitors described the scene:

The horses came all of a sudden. They started jumping on top of people. I heard the women screaming. A horse stomped on top of me. I fell to the ground and hurt my arm. The horses just kept coming at us. I was terrified. I never thought the police would do something so aggressive, so violent.
One of the injured strikers was Hazel Ingram, an 83-year-old janitor from New York. Ingram was taken to the hospital for treatment of an arm injury. Several protesters report being stepped on by horses. Spectators said that the police grabbed a sign that said Stand Up For the American Dream, threw it to the ground, stomped on it, and then joined other officers in giving high-fives.

no WONDER they dont give a damn about the world...
their to busy fucking their own people...
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Old 11-20-2006, 11:17 PM #2

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That's some fucked up shit, for SURE!! I thought that unions and striking is permissible in countries run by democratic government? Or could it be that many modern societies are simply marketed as democratic while in reality...they're nothing but corporate dictatorships.

In a corporate capitalist system (like US), profit maximisation and cost (ex: labour) minimisation is almost carried out to fanatical proportions. People who try and infringe on this principle are dealt with harshly. Just like what would happen in Taliban run Afghanistan if u oppose their version of Islam Of course, you can call Bush a nadblowing goat dick sucking ho, but ANY material and/or physical opposition to ANY angle of corporatism, which implies lowering their profits and/or increasing their costs, are dealt w/ an iron fist.

Looks like we're revisiting the dark ages, except that the tormentors aren't wearing crowns and robes, sitting in castles. They're donning swanky suits, sitting in multiplex skyscrapers.

The next thing which comes to my mind is the police infrastructure itself. Our modern, sophisticated societies seem to forget that the police is a civil body meant to carry out civic duties. In almost all modern societies today, USA included, the police is nothing but a convenience arm to the political shotcallers- who are themselfs a convenience arm to the economic elite. So the country ends up becoming a playground for...the economic elite! There is ZERO civil training that goes into the police academy. Almost ALL training is focused on conducting raids, breaking into homes, shooting firearms etc. And the personnel selection processes for many police departments in almost all modern societies are best described as dubious...

Don't get me wrong- I like money but I am not addicted to money. I make money to see me and my family thru- and maybe indulge in some earthly pleasures- but I don't make money as if accumulating as much of it in as short of a time as possible is a religious obligation. And I thought that the Taliban were the only fanatical elements around in modern times. Looks like lotsa modern societies are ruled by fanatics too- the only diff. being the Taliban seem to be fanatical over a philosophy whereas the shotcallers in the modern world seem to be fanatical over money.
Smoke herb!

"....what CNN never dared to tell you." Thanx for the idea Vision of Shiva...

1. Corp watch: Please read and support!
2. Backyard compost makers unite!!

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Old 11-21-2006, 06:09 PM #3
ben ttech

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ben ttech will become famous soon enoughben ttech will become famous soon enough
go find the DVD about the police in new york busting up the FREE RIDE bike riders association...

makes this look like milk and cookies...

the dirty secret is that they bring in SPECIALLY TRAINED [ read psycotic retard ] guys to put on police uniforms and run wild....

their actually half corrections employees who are WELL VERSED in the art of beating on the innocent without a moral qualm about it....

the documentary is called 'why we ride' i believe...

when you see the cops cutting their bikes to pieces with tools they brought specially to punish skofflaws on the spot you start to get an idea as to JUST WHAT ORGANIZED PSYOPS ASSAULTS ON THE PUBLIC these occurances are...

sucking dick for corperate america...

WHEN did this start?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Old 11-21-2006, 06:28 PM #4
one in the chamber

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Again, I'm so glad I don't live in the US anymore.
RIP Overgrow! OGer from 2000-2006.

I have had Original Haze that was almost like acid, unexperienced smokers would white-out or pass-out, or throw up after a toke or two...
Oh, and it was Euphoric to say the least. I would feel like I was floating in a cloud, or held in the hands of a comfortable giant, I had no need for anything, I was totally blissed.
- Sam the Skunkman
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Old 11-21-2006, 06:33 PM #5
ben ttech

Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 304
ben ttech will become famous soon enoughben ttech will become famous soon enough
here it is...
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