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About Contests at ICMag

Welcome to the ICMag Contests Forum

SeedBay, SeedBoutique and authorized advertisers and vendors offer contests from time to time such as Outdoor Grow Contests, Yoghurt Cup Challenges, etc. Prizes sent are subject to local laws and regulations and are not awarded by; they are awarded and sent by the contest operator (SeedBay, SeedBoutique, advertiser or vendor).

We do not permit site members to begin and operate contests.

Contests with prizes are only offered by SeedBay, SeedBoutique, and other authorized vendors and advertisers at the International Cannagaphic (

Contests and games* 'just for fun' with no prize are allowed, they are subject to approval by the mods and admins of this site and are subject to all the same rules as anywhere else on these forums.

* Games are allowed in the Toker's Den, contests in this forum.

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