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Old 06-29-2018, 11:07 PM #1

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Sailormoses will become famous soon enoughSailormoses will become famous soon enoughSailormoses will become famous soon enough
6th lazy grow in MA...

Okay this is it. There will be no pics of plants or bud shots thanks to Soil King BIG ROOTZ soil. I bought 3 bags from amazon to try out . I opened the first bag and all hell broke loose. A fuckin giant cloud of flying pests started to poor out of the bag. Now I'm not talking a couple pests, I'm talking probably 100 or more of the bastards. Some were sucked out the window fan in my work area. Unfortunately the tent was open and you can guess what happened next. Found the sticky traps to at least identify what came out of the bag. Whiteflies, fungus gnats and some other pest I could not identify. Took the other 2 bags outside and opened them.....same results total infestation. All fabric pots, soil, 4 week olds and clones are now in the dumpster.Sent Soil King an email and the scumbags flat out ignored me, no response. They have one hell of a customer service dept. I also realized that these idiots had bags made with vent holes in them, great idea for soil bags that lay around at garden shops outdoors. Just going to stick to CoM or Roots organic soils from now on. Moving next may to western ma or maine, maybe I'll be able to have a little outdoor space to make my own soils. I never had an issue with pre packaged soil before. I guess with some MFGs it's like playing russian roulette buying their soil.
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